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I’m pleased to announce publication of the latest issue of International Marketing Review.  Please follow this link to the online articles, which are also listed below.
In addition, papers from the forthcoming issue, 29.2, are currently viewable here in pre-publication format.
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Dr Martyn Lawrence
Senior Publisher
Article Title: Social capital in Japanese-Western alliances: understanding cultural effects
Authors: Stephanie Slater, Matthew J. Robson
Article Type: Conceptual paper
Keywords: Destructive acts, International business, Japan, National cultures, Partnership, Social capital, Strategic alliances
Pages: 6-23
Article Title: The effect of response scale type on cross-cultural construct measures: An empirical example using Hall's concept of context
Authors: James Reardon, Chip Miller
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Communication, Context, Cross-cultural studies, Edward T. Hall, International marketing, Psychometric tests, Response styles, Scale measurement
Pages: 24-53
Article Title: A contingency approach to international marketing strategy and decision-making structure among exporting firms
Authors: Henry F.L. Chung, Cheng Lu Wang, Pei-how Huang
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: European Union, Exports, Global marketing, Globalization, Interaction, Manufacturing industries, Marketing strategy, Organizational performance, Organizational structure, Service industries
Pages: 54-87
Article Title: Does firm location make a difference to the export performance of SMEs?
Authors: Joanne Freeman, Chris Styles, Meredith Lawley
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Australia, Export performance, Exports, Location, Regional exporters, Small to medium-sized enterprises
Pages: 88-113
Article Title: Level of analysis in export performance research
Authors: Joćo S. Oliveira, John W. Cadogan, Anne Souchon
Article Type: Viewpoint
Keywords: Export function, Export performance, Export venture, Exports, Level of analysis, Organizational performance, Performance measures
Pages: 114-127

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