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I'm pleased to announce publication of the latest issue of International Marketing Review.  Please follow this link<> to the online articles, which are also listed below.

In addition, papers from the forthcoming issue, 29.2, are currently viewable here<> in pre-publication format.

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Article Title: Social capital in Japanese-Western alliances: understanding cultural effects
Authors: Stephanie Slater, Matthew J. Robson
Article Type: Conceptual paper
Keywords: Destructive acts, International business, Japan, National cultures, Partnership, Social capital, Strategic alliances
Pages: 6-23

Article Title: The effect of response scale type on cross-cultural construct measures: An empirical example using Hall's concept of context
Authors: James Reardon, Chip Miller
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Communication, Context, Cross-cultural studies, Edward T. Hall, International marketing, Psychometric tests, Response styles, Scale measurement
Pages: 24-53

Article Title: A contingency approach to international marketing strategy and decision-making structure among exporting firms
Authors: Henry F.L. Chung, Cheng Lu Wang, Pei-how Huang
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: European Union, Exports, Global marketing, Globalization, Interaction, Manufacturing industries, Marketing strategy, Organizational performance, Organizational structure, Service industries
Pages: 54-87

Article Title: Does firm location make a difference to the export performance of SMEs?
Authors: Joanne Freeman, Chris Styles, Meredith Lawley
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Australia, Export performance, Exports, Location, Regional exporters, Small to medium-sized enterprises
Pages: 88-113

Article Title: Level of analysis in export performance research
Authors: Joćo S. Oliveira, John W. Cadogan, Anne Souchon
Article Type: Viewpoint
Keywords: Export function, Export performance, Export venture, Exports, Level of analysis, Organizational performance, Performance measures
Pages: 114-127

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