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I'm delighted to announce the first 2012 issue of Cross Cultural Management.  The papers listed below make up a special issue entitled “Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies: Cross Cultural Implications”, guest edited by Robert J. Emmerling and Richard E. Boyatzis.
This collection carries considerable interdisciplinary appeal, so I have taken the liberty of cross-posting it: my apologies if you receive this message more than once.
Please follow this link to the online articles.
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Dr Martyn Lawrence
Senior Publisher
Article Title: Emotional and social intelligence competencies: cross cultural implications
Authors: Robert J. Emmerling, Richard E. Boyatzis
Article Type: Viewpoint
Keywords: Assessment, Competences, Cross cultural validity, Emotional intelligence, Management development, Management skills
Pages: 4-18
Article Title: The influence of emotional and social competencies on the performance of Peruvian refinery staff
Authors: Segundo Vito Aliaga Araujo, Scott N. Taylor
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Competences, Emotional and social competence, Emotional intelligence, Employees productivity, International, Leadership, Oil industry, Performance, Peru
Pages: 19-29
Article Title: Measuring social and emotional intelligence competencies in the Indian context
Authors: Radha Sharma
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Competences, Cross cultural, ECI-2, Emotional intelligence, India, Indian culture, Management development, Social and emotional competencies
Pages: 30-47
Article Title: Competencies matter: modeling effective entrepreneurship in northeast of Italy small firms
Authors: Arnaldo Camuffo, Fabrizio Gerli, Paolo Gubitta
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Competences, Emotional intelligence, Entrepreneurialism, Entrepreneurship, Italy, Self evaluation, Small businesses, Small enterprises
Pages: 48-66
Article Title: Thinking globally, leading locally: Chinese, Indian, and Western leadership
Authors: Betzaluz Gutierrez, Signe M. Spencer, Guorong Zhu
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Chief executives, China, Cross-cultural management, India, Western leadership
Pages: 67-89
Article Title: Development and validation of a customized competency-based questionnaire: Linking social, emotional, and cognitive competencies to business unit profitability
Authors: Geoff Ryan, Lyle M. Spencer, Urs Bernhard
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Competences, Competency modeling, Critical incident interviewing, Cross-cultural validity, Emotional intelligence, Europe, European leaders, North America, Profit, Social intelligence, Surveys, Validity study
Pages: 90-103
Article Title: EI training and sales performance during a corporate merger
Authors: Gilles E. Gignac, Richard J. Harmer, Sue Jennings, Benjamin R. Palmer
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Acquisitions and mergers, Australia, Emotional intelligence, Pharmaceuticals industry, Sales performance, Training
Pages: 104-116

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