At this year's Michigan Family Farms Conference, you will have an
opportunity to speak with Kali Fox, from Senator Stabenow's Office, about
the 2012 Farm Bill.  Farmers in Michigan are in a unique place to influence
the Farm Bill debate, as our own Senator Stabenow is the Chair of the
Senate Agriculture Committee.  Participation in this session at the
Michigan Family Farms Conference is a great opportunity to represent the
diversity of organic and sustainable agriculture in Michigan.  Please
register for the conference today and make your voice heard in the 2012
Farm Bill debate. To see other sessions and to register follow this link:


*How the 2012 Farm Bill Will Affect You*

*9:00 am to 10:20 am Sat January 14th at Lakeview High School Battle Creek,

David Schweikhardt, Michigan State University

Kali Fox, Senator Stabenow’s Office

Find out what is the latest regarding the 2012 Farm Bill and how it will
affect your

farm operation. Make sure that your voice is heard with Senator Stabenow’s

For more information about the 2012 Farm Bill please or how to get involved
please contact me or follow this link

Melissa Hornaday, Great Lakes Organizer
Organic Farming Research Foundation
4751 Trumbull St Detroit, MI 48208
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