Call for papers focusing on the Global Mindset
At the Aalborg University Conference 

Revisiting Internationalization: Dynamics, Diversity and Sustainability
May 31 to June 2, 2012

At the Comwell Rebild Bakker Conference Center near Aalborg, Denmark

	A global mindset is an integral part of internationalization of enterprises and will be the core topic of a round table discussion along with other relevant topics.   As a construct, the concept of a global mindset is important for the theoretical understanding of internationalization and also important for enterprise executives and managers responsible for international strategy and operations.  Although the concept of a global mindset has been extensively discussed in the academic literature, it has not been scientifically tested, interpreted, and applied strategically or operationally to executive or managerial decision making. 	

	The objective of this round table session is to address the global mindset concept in depth through a highly focused discussion.  Eight to ten participants will be selected for this innovative exercise.  Discussions will be based on submitted papers or comprehensive proposals that clearly outline each participantís perspective on the concept of a global mindset and its intellectual contribution to the process of internationalization.	

	Round table discussions are utilized in scientific and technical sessions as a preliminary stage in research processes such as modified scenario research or Delphi techniques.  Round table discussions are followed by the development of multiple scenarios which are subsequently evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively by an additional panel of experts on the subject.  Outcomes of such research may be publishable in academic journals.  The plan for this round table includes the production of publishable research results.

	If you are interested in submitting a paper of comprehensive proposal, please contact: George Tesar [log in to unmask] or Svetla Marinova [log in to unmask] .  Paper or comprehensive proposals are due March 1, 2012 and authors will received feedback by March 15, 2012.  Conference site is  

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