Romie Littrell of the Auckland University of Technology in
New Zealand and Andy Bertsch , of Minot State University in the USA have
initiated a new effort for the global project to investigate explicit preferred
leader behaviour and values across cultures. The project involves collaborators
to participate in managing any required translation projects for local languages
(including a focus group discussion and pilot test), identification of samples
(preferably systematic random sampling of employed businesspeople), collection
of data (online survey administration is available for countries where this is
appropriate), assistance in analysis and publications. Participation is
self-funded with the benefit of expected publications in relevant journals, and
perhaps an edited book in the future. We plan to use the new 7-dimension VSM 08
by Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede, Michael Minkov, and Henk Venkin, along
with the Leader Behaviour Description Questionnaire XII. One outcome will be a
new LBDQ that is validated and reliable for use across societal cultures. We
are attempting to arrange caucuses to discuss the project at the Academy of
Management 2012 conference in Boston, and the Academy of International Business
2012 conference in Washington DC. If you have an interest in attending the
caucuses please reply and let us know your countries and languages for study. A
reasonably large amount of time and effort by participants will be involved
spread over several years.

Romie Frederick Littrell, BA, MBA, PhD, FIAIR

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

IV. 1st stanza, War is Kind and Other Lines, Stephen Crane, 1899

A little ink more or less!

It surely can't matter?

Even the sky and the opulent sea,

The plains and the hills, aloof,

Hear the uproar of all these books.

But it is only a little ink more or less.

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