At GSA this October there were several sessions devoted to teaching 
Earth Science content courses specifically designed for elementary or 
secondary education majors. From these sessions came the recognition 
that we face a unique set of challenges compared to teaching geoscience 
majors courses or general introductory courses. Several people suggested 
that we find a way of organizing as a community to provide mutual 
support and foster collaborations between institutions. It was even 
suggested that we would benefit from forming a division within NAGT 
devoted to teacher education. We would like to use this listserv as a 
communication portal for our community. If you know of anyone who 
teaches content courses for preservice teachers or is interested in 
joining the conversation - please pass on this message. They can sign up 
for the listserv at

    If we are going to build off of the momentum from GSA, it seems that 
we need to start thinking about what to do next. Here are a few ideas, 
but we would like to hear of any that you may have.

   1. Uploading our presentations from GSA. Jennifer Anderson and John
      McDaris have set up a space on the SERC website
      for our powerpoints from GSA. (The website is currently in
      development, but should be active soon.) If you gave a
      presentation related to teacher ed, please send it to Jennifer
      Anderson and she will upload it to the [log in to unmask]
   2. Should we have another session devoted to teacher ed/ el ed
      courses at next year's GSA? Suggestions for a topic or theme? Who
      would be interested in giving a talk in Charlotte?
   3. Other ideas for the "next step" for our group?

Some of this info was sent out before the Thanksgiving Break, but I am 
resending it as a means of trying to "cast a wide net".

Feel free to contact myself ([log in to unmask]) or Jennifer Anderson 
([log in to unmask]) regarding this topic.

-Kyle Gray