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Journal of East-West Business
Volume 17<>, Issue 2-3, 2011

1066-9868 (Print), 1528-6959 (Online) Publication Frequency 4 issues per year

Special Issue: Innovation Policy in Russia in the Twenty-First Century: A Future Role of Foreign Firms in Modernization

Kari Liuhto<>

S&T and Innovation in Russia: Key Challenges of the Post-Crisis Period<>
Leonid Gokhberg<> & Tatiana Kuznetsova<>
pages 73-89

Policy Framework to Stimulate Technological Innovations in Russia<>
Irina Dezhina<>
pages 90-100

Emerging Technology-Related Markets in Russia: The Case of Nanotechnology<>
Oleg Karasev<>, Pavel Rudnik<> & Alexander Sokolov<>
pages 101-119

Explaining the “Ilya Muromets Syndrome” of Business Innovations in Russian Industries<>
Igor Gurkov<>
pages 120-131

New Trends in Russian Innovations: The Ownership Effect on the Adoption of Open Innovation Practices<>
Juha Väätänen<>, Daria Podmetina<>, Irina Savitskaya<> & Marko Torkkeli<>
pages 132-143

Reaching Out to Know-How: Support Instruments for Russia's International Innovation Cooperation<>
Manfred Spiesberger<>
pages 144-155

The EU-Russia Innovation Cooperation: Some Experiences Emerging from Finnish-Russian Innovation Collaboration<>
 Kari Liuhto<>
pages 156-169

German-Russian Business R&D Cooperation: A Bridge Still Too Far?<>
Thorsten Posselt<> & Mathias Rauch<>
pages 170-183

Emerging Russian Multinationals: Innovation, Technology, and Internationalization<>
Sergey Filippov<>
pages 184-194
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