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The latest issue of Chinese Management Studies has published, and you will find the articles below.  This time, we bring you a special issue entitled: “Chinese philosophy, values and management”.
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It’s also a pleasure to record our updated first impact factor, which (following some data omissions) has been increased to a very creditable 0.750.
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Article Title: How Chinese thought can lead the transformation in management practice
Authors: Ken Baskin
Article Type: Conceptual paper
Keywords: Actor-network theory, China, Dao, Emergent strategy, Managerialism, Newtonian, Organizations, Philosophy, Post-Newtonian, Unmanaging, Wu-wei
Pages: 354-367
Article Title: The research on Chinese ancient management philosophies' similarities with contemporary human resources management thoughts
Authors: Dong Kong, JunJie Zhang
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: China, Chinese ancient management philosophies (CAMPs), Commonly accepted points, Contemporary human resource management thoughts (CHRMTs), History, Human resource management, Philosophy
Pages: 368-379
Article Title: Yin yang and company growth: a case study of a coal company of Shanxi in China
Authors: Jingfeng Li, Jiguang Wang, Wenbin Fan
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: China, Chinese traditional culture, Company growth, Harmony, National cultures, Philosophy, Yin yang
Pages: 380-393
Article Title: Implications of I Ching on innovation management
Authors: Lu Yuduo, Qian Yi, Wang Donghua, Lu Yao
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: China, Entrepreneurialism, I Ching, Implications, Innovation management, Organizational innovation, Philosophy
Pages: 394-402
Article Title: Empirical study on the human-nature view of Chinese enterprise managers: Its structure and characteristics
Authors: Li Zhi, Li Jianling, Zhao Nan, Luo Zhangli
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: China, Enterprise managers, Human nature, Human resource management, Humanity view, Managers, Structure
Pages: 403-421
Article Title: What change, what stay: the mix picture of value system of Chinese business managers
Authors: Wang Xueli, Ma Lin
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Changes, China, Chinese business managers, Decision making, Managers, Value system, Values
Pages: 422-430
Article Title: The effect of traditional Chinese fuzzy thinking on human resource practices in mainland China
Authors: Li Yuan, Robert Chia
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: China, Fuzzy thinking, Human resource management, National cultures, Organizational culture, Zhongyong
Pages: 431-449
Article Title: The Art of War in manufacturing consumer consent: Strategy, business culture and ethics in marketing management
Authors: Y.T. McIntyre-Bhatty, D. Parker
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Brand persuasion, Brands, Business culture, Consumer behaviour, Consumption engineering, Ethics, Manufacturing consent, Marketing leverage, Marketing strategy, Political economics, The Art of War
Pages: 450-459
Article Title: A passion for learning Chinese?: Investigating a community-based Chinese cultural education school in Hamilton, New Zealand
Authors: Michèle E.M Akoorie, Qiang Ding, Yafei Li
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: China, Community-based education, Educational systems and institutions, National cultures, New Zealand, Risk management
Pages: 460-479

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