Dear Colleagues,

The theme for the 2012 Annual Meeting - Rethinking the Roles of Business,
Government and NGOs in the Global Economy - indeed is an interesting one.
 Unfortunately, I do not have any papers, either completed or in process,
which I can submit.  I, however, do have an interest in putting together
two panels in the Institutions, Governance and CSR track that I believe are
relevant and, I hope, on topics some of you are researching.

Topic 1 - Climate Change:  The Need for a Cross-Industry,
Cross-Institutional, Cross-County, Cross-Disciplinary Approach

This topic is based on the premise that dealing effectively with climate
change will require the marshaling of resources beyond the capabilities of
any one industry, institution, nation or discipline, and that what is going
to be required is a radically different approach to cooperation and
competition across all forms of human activity.  Ideally, the panel will be
composed of papers/studies (including works in progress) touching on, but
not necessarily limited to, the four areas mentioned in the title.

Topic 2 - Do Not for Profits and NGOs Help or Hinder Poverty Alleviation?

A debate about the true benefits of not for profit and NGO work for poverty
alleviation has been in existence for quite some time.  This panel is
intended to be a forum for that debate, and would include papers/studies
(including works in progress) looking at both sides.  I especially am
hoping to include studies examining the activities and effectiveness of
organizations such as the Acumen Fund, Endeavor, the Millennium Cities
Initiative, etc., and studies on the effectiveness of grass roots efforts
(particularly those involving the local private sector).

If you are interested in participating in either of these panels, please
contact me as soon as possible, including a description of the work you
intend to use, and, if possible, the work itself.  Also include your
contact information, which will be needed for the submission.  I will take
care of all the details with the panel submission to the track mentioned

With a January 16, 2012 submission deadline, time is of the essence.

Looking forward to working with you!

Best regards,

John Dilyard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
St. Francis College
Brooklyn, NY

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