The 23rd CEA (UK) and 4th CEA (Europe) Annual Conference

The Chinese Way of Economic Reform

and Development in the Context of Globalization

Co-organized by

Department of Financial & Management Studies (DeFiMS) and Centre of China
Studies (CCS), School of Oriental & African Studies

Peking University Alumni Association in the UK

2-3 April 2012

School of Oriental & African Studies, London

The success of China’s economic reform and development in the last
thirty-three years has attracted global attention. Professor Ronald Coase,
a Nobel Laureate, highlights in a recent interview that “an understanding
of what is happening, and has happened, in China will greatly help us to
improve and enrich our analysis of the influence of the institutional
structure on the working of the economic system". This conference
revitalizes the debate around the Chinese way of economic reform and
development through the use of inter- and multi-disciplinary perspectives
and primary sources. While it is acknowledged that the reforms implemented
in China do not represent a concerted attempt to create a capitalist
economy, to what extent have the ideas from the West and the force of
globalization eventually culminated in a fundamental change to the
socialist economic system, and how can scholarly works formalize such “an
accidental path” to capitalism? The conference also explores the
intellectual implications of China’s pragmatic approach of experimentalism
and ‘seeking truth from fact’, as well as political economy implications of
rising China in the age of globalization.

Confirmed keynote presentations of the conference include:

·      Prof. Justin Yifu Lin and Prof. Colin Lixin Xu (Chief Economist,
Lead Economist, World Bank): “The Chinese way of Economic Reform and
Development and the Implications to Other Developing Countries”.

·      Prof. Hongbin Cai (Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking
University): “Do MNCs’ R&D Activities Stimulate Indigenous
Entrepreneurship? Evidence from China’s Silicon Valley”.

·       Dr. Guonan Ma and Dr. Robert McCauley (Senior Economist, Bank for
International Settlements): “The Evolving Regime of Chinese Currency and
Implications for Asian Currency Stability.”

·    Prof. Junsen Zhang ( Chinese University of Hong Kong; President of
Hong Kong Economic Association): “Population Policies, Pensions, and Habit
Formation: Resolving the Chinese Saving Puzzle.”

·         Dr. Ben Groom (Senior Lecturer in Economics, SOAS):
“Environmental Services and Poverty Alleviation: Either or Both?”

·         Prof. Laixiang Sun (Head of DeFiMS, SOAS): “Chinese Agriculture
in 2030: Impacts on Trade, Society and Environment.”

Submissions of theoretical and empirical studies are welcome. Topics
covered may include but are not limited to:

-        China’s Institutional Reform and Evolution

-        China’s Adaptation to Globalization

-        The Beijing-Seoul-Tokyo Consensus (or BeST Consensus for
Development) in making?

-        Growth Patterns and Structural Change

-        Post-Crisis Rebalancing Strategy and New Challenges to Future

-        Diversification of China’s International Economic Ties

-        Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investment

-        Innovation, Technology and Development

-        Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation and Growth

-        International business studies with Chinese context

-        Capital Market and Corporate Governance

-        Rural-Urban Migration and Labour Market Reform

-        Agriculture and Rural Development

-        Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.

Selected conference papers will be published in the *Journal of Chinese
Economic and Business Studies* and an edited book. Further features of the
conference include:

·         PhD colloquium: experienced supervisors will chair and comment on
students’ papers

·         Prizes will be awarded for best papers submitted and presented by
PhD students

·         Information Corner on job opportunities

You are invited to submit an abstract of 300-500 words *by the 31st of
December 2011, either through online submission (, or email
* to [log in to unmask] You will be informed within two weeks whether your
paper can be accepted. Subsequently you will be expected to provide the
full paper *by the 28th of February 2012*.

Conference fee is GBP 140; PhD student concessional fee is GBP 30
(including membership of CEA and four issues of the Journal of Chinese
Economic and Business Studies). Chinese students studying in the UK are
particularly encouraged to submit their papers and participate in the

CEA (UK/Europe) Parallel Conference 2012

Another major feature of the CEA (UK/Europe) annual conference is a
parallel conference held in conjunction with a Chinese university each
year. CEA (UK/Europe) in collaboration with Chinese Economic Society
Australia is planning to hold the 2012 parallel conference at Peking
University and selected papers at the SOAS conference will be invited to
attend the conference.

*About the CEA (UK)*

The CEA (UK) was launched in 1988 and has since become one of the leading
organizations in Europe promoting research on China. Its past annual
conferences have attracted wide-ranging attention from academic
institutions, government organizations, banks and industries, alongside the
media in the UK and China. Prominent speakers have included the Prime
Minister of Ireland, Ministers from the Chinese and British governments,
the Chinese ambassadors, and eminent academic figures of international
repute including Nobel laureates of economic sciences. Papers from these
conferences have been published in leading economics and business journals,
edited books and the CEA (UK)’s official journal, *the Journal of Chinese
Economic and Business Studies*, published by Taylor & Francis.

*About the CEA (Europe)*

CEA (Europe) was established in 2009 as a major expansion of CEA (UK). It
is a non-profit and independent legal entity. The main objective of the CEA
(Europe) is to promote scholarly exchanges and encourage academic
leadership on Chinese economic and business studies in Europe. All CEA(UK)
members will be offered free membership of CEA (Europe).

Prof. Laixiang Sun                                              Dr. Huan Zou

Conference Chair                                                Chair of
Local Organizing Committee

President-elect                                                     DeFiMS,

CEA (Europe/UK)

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