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Retail Strategic

International Expansion


Theory and Cases by

Brenda Sternquist

Who, What, Where and Why

retailers internationalize is the

theme of this book. Eighteen detailed cases

are presented outlining retailers’ international

expansion strategy. Cases include,

Blockbuster, Carrefour, Casino, Costco Wholesale,

FootLocker, Gap, Kingfisher, Metro, Office Depot,

Pinaulat-Printemps-Redoute, Seven and I, Shoprite

Holdings, Starbucks Coffee, Tesco, Toys R Us,

Uniqlo and Wal-Mart. Read their story and learn

their strategy.

(450 pages)

(ISBN: 9780982726006)


International Retailing

Theory and Research by

Brenda Sternquist

Sternquist’s new Strategic

International Retail Expansion

Model SIRE3 model is presented complete

withpropositions to predict international

expansion for two types of retailers, global

versus multinational. Eleven chapters are

presented outlining theories to explain various

elements of retailers’ international expansion.

Chapters cover entry mode, global retailer’s use

of network advantages, born global retailer’s

internationalization, private label influences on

internationalization, corporate branding and

entry mode, longevity of international joint

ventures and a special industry application of

internationalization of hospitals.

(330 pages)

(ISBN: 9780982726013)


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