The Graduate Training Group "Risk and East Asia", funded by the German Research Association at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, announces three additional doctoral fellowships, with a 15 November 2011 deadline for applications.

The English-language Graduate Training Group is interdisciplinary, so the general announcement is quite general (

For the economics group, we are looking for candidades who will use experimental economics as part of their docotoral projects. We offer introductory courses into this method, in cooperation with the labs in Bonn and at the Essen Campus of our university; still, applicants should already possess a good background in microeconomics, possibly also in game theory. Language and regional expertise about China or Japan are important on the background of the concept of our Training Group, however, the necessary level of such knowledge will be considered with respect to the topic of the doctoral research eventually chosen. Thus, a particularly high standard in Chinese or Japanese language proficiency is not an essential prerequisite to apply. Rather, a strong basis in economics or management science is crucial (while the formal degrees already obtained may be in economics, business or East Asian studies).

German language proficiency is not essential for this program, but of course it helps to have or develop at least some basic capability for daily life.

There is some flexibility about commencing the fellowship. The earliest possible date is January 2012, but the position may also be taken up as late as October 2012. So even those who expect to pass their degree programs in summer are eligible to apply now.

To our mind, this program is a great chance for aspiring young scholars to apply an important method to a fascinating world region, and we offer a challenging an exciting environment  to do so (

Best regards,
Werner Pascha (Japan) and Markus Taube (China)

Dr. Cornelia Storz
Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Grüneburgplatz 1 (RuW-Gebäude R. 4241)
D-60323 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49-69-798-34811 / -34809

Treasurer, European Association for Japanese Studies,<>
Associate Researcher, EHESS,<>
SASE in Madrid , 23rd annual meeting,<>

Recent books:
Institutional Diversity and Innovation - Continuing and Emerging Patterns in Japan and China <>
(co-authored with Sebastian Schäfer, with a guest contribution of Markus Conlé and a preface of Richard Whitley), Routledge 2011<>

Institutional Variety in East Asia. Formal and informal patterns of coordination (co-edited with Markus Taube, Werner Pascha), Edward Elgar 2011<>

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