October 14, 2011 Launches Second Food Warrior Program to Document Our Food

Ann Arbor, MI.’s Food
Warriors<>are on a mission:
to document farms and food artisans so we can know where
our food comes from.

Real Time Farms <> recently launched 11 new
Fall Food Warrior interns in Austin, Chicago, Portland, the Bay Area,
Nashville, Asheville, and Chapel Hill. They follow in the wake of the
inaugural 16 Summer Food Warrior interns. These young food lovers, are
committed to empowering us all with the story of who grew our food and how
it was grown. They will spend the next three months learning about and
documenting farms and food artisans in their area.

Food Warrior Program Director, Lindsay Partridge, explains:

“In addition to being delicious, nutritious, and entirely necessary-- food
is inspirational. Food Warriors aspire to inspire and be inspired. They are
discovering not only how their food is produced, but also the stories behind
the people producing it. They are getting a glimpse of the dedication
necessary to feed a community and the intricacies involved in doing so. The
Food Warriors are capturing the beauty they find at their local farmers’
markets, farms, and artisanal kitchens and working to engage others through
their photos, videos, and writing.”

 (Food Warrior photos by: Gina Lorubbia, Carrie Stiles, and Ava Mikolavich)

Most of us don’t have the opportunity to know our farmers personally. We
either aren’t able, or don’t have the time to sit down and ask the growers
of our food about how they grow or raise our food. Many of us buy our greens
pre-washed in plastic bins, our chicken breasts cleanly portioned and
wrapped, and our favorite beer or chocolate from the snack section of our
local grocery store and leave it at that. What if we wanted to choose how to
eat based on our own values? You want to support your local farmer, eat
antibiotic-free, or know how that artisanal good was made. Now you can. With
complete information, we can all act as agents of change, putting our
dollars to work to transform the food system into something we can all be
proud of.

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