One of our geoscience colleagues has been awarded the Science Prize for Online Resources in Education. See Tamara Ledley's email below for a description. The press release and SCIENCE Magazine Essay:

Journal Science gives SPORE award to 'Earth Exploration Toolbook' (press release) 

Making Earth Science Data Accessible and Usable in Education (Science Magazine Essay) 

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Hi Everyone,
  I am very excited to share with you that TERC's Earth Exploration Toolbook (  has received the Science Prize for Online Resource in Education (SPORE award) from AAAS.  Below is the link to the press release from AAAS.  The award also includes the publication of an essay in Science Magazine about the educational resource. I am including a link to the essay as well.  

 The Earth Exploration Toolbook is comprised of activities called "chapters" which give educators step-by-step instructions on how to access a scientific dataset and a data analysis tool, and conduct an analysis around an Earth science concept or issue.  The goal is to give the educator enough experience with accessing the data and using the tool so that they can customize the data they retrieve and the analysis they conduct to their curriculum and the  questions and issues relevant to them and their students.

 I am happy to say that many of the chapters in the Earth Exploration Toolbook that address climate literacy have gone through the CLEAN review process and have been accepted into that collection.  I hope you share the link to the Earth Exploration Toolbook with others who might be interested in exploring Earth science data.



Journal Science gives SPORE award to 'Earth Exploration Toolbook' (press release)

Making Earth Science Data Accessible and Usable in Education (Science Magazine Essay)

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