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Long Range Planning 

Special Issue and Research Conference



(Revised:  August 28, 2011)


China Business and International Competitiveness:

Economics, Politics, and Technology


Guest Editors:


Joseph Cheng

Professor of International Business

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Director, The CIC Center for Advanced Study

in International Competitiveness

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Daphne Yiu

Associate Professor of Management

Faculty of Business Administration

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Consulting Editors:


John Child

Emeritus Chair of Commerce

University of Birmingham


Michael Hitt

Distinguished Professor of Management 

Texas A&M University


Deadline for Abstract Submission:  December 15, 2011

Conference Dates:  June 18-19, 2012

Tentative Publication Date:  March 15, 2013


Which nation currently has the fastest computer on earth?  The largest
growing middle-class for consumer products?  The greatest potential to
challenge the economic, political, and technological dominance of the
West?  And, the one country that the world needs to know more about in
order to anticipate her global and regional impact?


The answers to the above questions are China, China, China, and China!


The purpose of this special issue and research conference is to provide
a forum for strategic management scholars to present their latest
research on China business from both the perspectives of the foreign
multinational corporations (MNCs) and the indigenous firms based in
China.  We are particularly interested in papers that adopt an
interdisciplinary approach in combining theoretical ideas and research
methodologies from multiple academic disciplines (see Cheng, Henisz,
Roth, & Swaminathan, 2009; Cheng, Guo, & Skousen, 2011; Okhuysen &
Bonardi, 2011; Shenkar, 2004).  Our goal is to publish papers that
question conventional thinking (including established theories) and
offer new perspectives that advance theory and practice on the strategic
management of China business.




More specifically, we seek submissions that investigate the economic,
political, and technological institutions in China and explore how these
affect China as a place for foreign MNCs to invest, in light of the
changing competitive landscape following the 2008 global financial
crisis.  For example, what competitive advantages would these firms
obtain from setting up operations in China which they could not get
elsewhere, particularly those advantages that they could leverage


We are also interested in papers that examine the currently evolving
economic, political, and technological infra-structures in China and
assess their likely effects on the international strategies of Chinese
firms and their competitiveness in the global marketplace.  As well, we
welcome papers that assess the social and environmental costs of China's
economic competitiveness and their impact on the country's
attractiveness for foreign investment.


Finally, we encourage submissions that look at the issues from the
perspective of the international competitors of Chinese firms,
particularly those residing in the other Asian countries (e.g., India,
Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand), and investigate how these
competitors protect their business interests in the region as well as


Submission and Review Process


Authors interested in submitting to the special issue and research
conference should send an abstract of 5-6 pages (double-spaced in 12
points font) to the guest editors at the addresses below summarizing the
key ideas of their paper and its contributions.


Professor Joseph Cheng

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The CIC Center for Advanced Study

in International Competitiveness

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With copy to:


Professor Daphne Yiu

Department of Management

Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Important Dates


Deadline for Abstract Submission:   December 15, 2011

Deadline for Abstract Review Notification:   February 15, 2012

Deadline for Invited Full Paper Submission:   July 30, 2012   


All submissions will be externally reviewed according to the policies of
Long Range Planning.


Research Conference


Authors whose abstracts are selected for a full paper submission will be
invited to present their work at a research conference to be held in
Hong Kong on June 18-19, 2012.  It will be co-hosted by The CIC Center
for Advanced Study in International Competitiveness (CIC-CASIC) and The
Chinese University of Hong Kong Center for International Business
Studies (CUHK-CIBS).  The CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation)
is the nation's premier university consortium of top-tier research
institutions in the U.S., including the Big Ten Conference members and
the University of Chicago with a combined annual R&D budget of over US$7
billion ( <> ).


CUHK-CIBS will sponsor invited authors' accommodations for two nights
and meals during the conference.  CIC-CASIC will provide a travel
stipend of US$500 for up to five invited authors based on financial need
and quality of the abstracts submitted.


The research conference will also be attended by invited faculty and
doctoral students from local universities in Hong Kong and the region as
well as those from member institutions of the CIC consortium in the U.S.


Immediately following the conference, the International Association for
Chinese Management Research (IACMR) will be holding their 2012 Bi-Annual
Meeting in Hong Kong on June 20-24.  All conference participants are
welcome to attend.  Please visit the IACMR website (
<> ) for details.




For additional information about the special issue and research
conference, please contact either Joseph Cheng (Email:
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> ) or Daphne Yiu
(Email: [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> ).




Cheng, J.L.C., Henisz, W., Roth, K., & Swaminathan, A. "Advancing
Interdisciplinary Research in the Field of International Business:
Prospects, Issues, and Challenges," Journal of International Business
Studies, 2009, 1070-1074.


Cheng, J.L.C., Guo, W., & Skousen, B. "Advancing New Theory Development
in the Field of International Management:  Contributing Factors,
Investigative Approach, and Proposed Topics."  Management International
Review, 2011 (forthcoming).


Okhuysen, G. & Bonardi, J.  "The Challenges of Building Theory by
Combining Lenses."   Academy of Management Review, 2011, 6-11.


Skenkar, O.  "One More Time:  International Business in a Global
Economy."  Journal of International Business Studies, 2004, 161-171.


About the Guest Editors


Joseph Cheng is a Professor of International Business at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He is also Principal Investigator and
Founding Director of The CIC Center for Advanced Study in International
Competitiveness sponsored by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation
(CIC), a university consortium of the Big Ten Conference members and the
University of Chicago.  Professor Cheng received his Ph.D. in Business
Administration from the University of Michigan.  His current research
interests include strategy and organization design for transnational
firms, global competition and multinational management, foreign R&D
investment, national innovation and technology policies, and Asian
economies. He has published in leading U.S. and European academic
journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Administrative
Science Quarterly, European Journal of International Management, Human
Relations, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of
Management, Management International Review, Management Science, and
Organization Studies, among others.  Professor Cheng is a former Chair
of the Academy of Management International Management Division, and
currently serves as a Consulting Editor for the Journal of International
Business Studies and a Senior Editorial Consultant to the European
Journal of International Management.  He was the lead Co-Editor of the
research annual Advances in International Management during 1996-2009,
and received the 2009 Leading Book Series Editor Award (with Co-Editor
Michael Hitt) from Emerald Group Publishing. 


Daphne Yiu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at
The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She received her Ph.D. in
Management from the Michael F. Price College of Business, University of
Oklahoma. Her research interests lie in corporate and international
strategy, strategies in emerging markets, business groups, corporate
governance, and international entrepreneurship.  Professor Yiu has
published in leading management journals including Strategic Management
Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Organizational
Science, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, and
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.  She is currently serving as a
Senior Editor at the Asia Pacific Journal of Management, an editorial
board member of the Journal of Management Studies, and the treasurer of
the Asia Academy of Management.  She received the 2009 Young Researcher
Award from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 


About the Consulting Editors


John Child is Emeritus Chair of Commerce at the University of
Birmingham.  He has an M.A. in Economics and a Ph.D. in Management both
from the University of Cambridge, which in 1984 also awarded him a Sc.D.
for outstanding scholarly work.  Professor Child's career started with
posts in marketing and personnel at Rolls-Royce Ltd.  He worked as a
Research Fellow at Aston University from 1966 to 1968 and then held a
faculty position at the London Business School until 1973.  In that year
he was appointed Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Aston
University.  From 1986 to 1989 he was Dean of the Aston Business School.
During 1989-90, he was seconded to the position of Dean and Director of
the China-European Community Management Centre in Beijing, China.  He
took up the Guinness (later Diageo) Chair of Management at the
University of Cambridge in 1991.  He was Editor-in-Chief of the
international journal Organization Studies from 1992 to 1996.  He also
founded the Centre for International Business and Management at
Cambridge.  His research interests include management and economic
reform in China; organization and performance of strategic alliances;
internationalization of SMEs; and evolution of new organizational forms.


Michael Hitt is a Distinguished Professor of Management at Texas A&M
University and holds the Joe B. Foster Chair in Business Leadership.  He
received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado.  Professor Hitt has
coauthored or co-edited 26 books and authored or coauthored many journal
articles. A recent article in the Journal of Management listed him as
one of the ten most cited authors in management over a 25-year period.
Additionally, the Times Higher Education in 2010 listed him among the
top scholars in economics, finance and management based on the number of
articles with a high citation rate on the Web of Science.  Professor
Hitt is a former President of the Academy of Management, a former
President of the Strategic Management Society and a member of the
Academy of Management Journals' Hall of Fame.  He has served on the
editorial review boards of multiple journals and is a former editor of
the Academy of Management Journal and former co-editor of the Strategic
Entrepreneurship Journal.   He received the 1996 Award for Outstanding
Academic Contributions to Competitiveness and the 1999 Award for
Outstanding Intellectual Contributions to Competitiveness Research from
the American Society for Competitiveness.  In 2001, he received the
Irwin Outstanding Educator Award and the Distinguished Service Award
from the Academy of Management.



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