Dear AIB members,


With this email we intend to present a brief summary of our PhD research in order to ask for your collaboration.



Our research is in Comparative Management. In this project we are studying: (1) the validity of the GLOBE’s model of cultural dimensions “As is” (House et al., 2004) in the prediction of the leadership practices measure by the Leadership Practices Inventory, Self Instrument, 3rd Edition (Kouzes & Posner, 2003); (2) the validity of the “bands” (way that GLOBE aggregate the differences and similarities between countries in each dimension); (3) the impact of variables at individual, organizational and societal levels in the relation between culture and leadership practices.


In this project we are trying to answer to recent calls in the scientific community: (1) According to Venaik & Brewer (2010) between 2004 and 2009, no studies were found that use GLOBE’s Uncertainty Avoidance in the prediction of leadership practices, in the 10 key journals that publish cross-cultural studies in international business. Hofstede (2010), calls for external validation of the GLOBE’s model of cultural dimensions; (2) Some authors have reported the necessity to introduce other variables beyond culture in the explanation of the results and relations between individuals and cultures, once the variance explained by cultural scores is generally low (Kirkman Lowe & Gibson, 2006; Gelfand, Erez & Aycan, 2007; Leung et al., 2005; Gibson, Maznevsky & Kirkman, 2009). 


In order to conduct this study we selected a sample of two levels:

1. At national level we chose a sample of 18 countries: Argentina; Australia; Brazil; China; Denmark; Germany; India; Indonesia; Japan; Mexico; Nigeria; Portugal; Spain; Russia; Thailand; Turkey; USA and Venezuela;

2. At individual level we chose as sample MBA (with and without thesis) and MSc students in the area of management, such as: accounting, finance, general management (for example: business administration, strategy, international management and business, comparative management), human resources, marketing, public management, among others.



We are asking for your collaboration because we need to increase the number of questionnaires per country, in order to be possible to publish the results of our research in reference journals of this area.

The collaboration request consists only to send the link bellow to your MBA (with and without thesis) and/or MSc students in the area of management of your Faculty/Institute. The questionnaire is on-line, it’s translated in your national language and is necessary no more than 10-15 minutes to filling up. The questionnaire is available in the following link:



a. This Project has been funded by the FCT from the Portuguese Minister of Science and Technology;

b. We have already started to present the preliminary results of our research:

Teodósio, J. e Robalo A. (2011). The validity of GLOBE’s cultural dimensions in the prediction of leadership practices. 37th EIBA Annual Conference - "Taking IB in Europe to the Next Level: Emerging Issues, Strategies and Economies", Bucharest, 8-10 December de 2011. Accepted for presentation as a workshop paper.


Teodósio, J. e Robalo A. (2011). Comparative Management: The study of Leadership Practices in 18 countries. 7th PhD Workshop on Global and Cross Cultural Management. Maastricht, Netherlands, June 13-18. Facilitators: Geert Hofstede; Mark Peterson; Mikael Minkov and Mikael Sondergaard.


Teodósio, J. e Robalo A.(2011). Leadership Practices in Portugal and China. 7th International Symposium on Multinational Business Management - Enterprise Management in a Transitional Economy and Post Financial Crisis, 35-43. Nanjing, China, June 5-6. Nanjing University Press



If you are from one of the selected countries and are available to help us, please let me Know. We would be very grateful with your collaboration.


Best regards,


Joăo Teodósio

Professor at School of Management and Technology – Polytechnic Institute of Santarem

Ph.D Student at ISCTE-IUL

MSc in Management

Research Assistant at Management Research Centre – ISCTE – IUL

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