Selected papers from the Leadership & Management Studies in
Sub-Sahara Africa 2010 conference at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town are available as a special
issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Management, 2011, Volume 2, Number 1, ISSN
1179-626X, at the website:

Table of Contents:

Romie Littrell 
“Leadership and management studies in sub-Saharan Africa:
An introduction to the special issue”

Kurt April and Kai Peters 
“Communal versus individual modalities of work: A South African

George Wangirayi Nyabadza
and Stella M.
“The lived experience of the strategic leader: What effective CEOs do, how
they do it and an exploration into how they think about it”

Tidings P. Ndhlovu
and Leopold Lessassy
“Prospects for ethnic African products in the European Union”

Romie Littrell
“Contemporary sub-Saharan African managerial leadership research: Some
recent empirical studies”

Romie Frederick Littrell, BA, MBA, PhD, FIAIR
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
IV. 1st stanza, War is Kind and Other Lines, Stephen Crane, 1899
A little ink more or less!
It surely can't matter?
Even the sky and the opulent sea,
The plains and the hills, aloof,
Hear the uproar of all these books.
But it is only a little ink more or less.

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