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Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies

Managing Editor, Cheng-few Lee, Rutgers University


Guest Editors

Tung-lung Steven Chang, Long Island University, C.W. Post

Li-Ping Cheng, National Chiao Tung University

The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) is a preferential trade agreement between mainland China and Taiwan that aims to reduce tariffs and commercial barriers across the Taiwan Strait. It was signed on June 29, 2010 and came into effect on September 12, 2010. ECFA gives Taiwan the opportunity to capitalize on China’s emerging demand and to integrate more fully into the East Asian economy. By strengthening the economic integration, it is expected to boost the bilateral trade between both sides and may attract more of FDI and financial investments from the rest of the world into Great China. A brief review about the early harvest program reveals that Taiwan’s gain varies in different sectors. It is thus crucial to assess the impact of ECFA on the economic outlook of both China and Taiwan. Studies that address various issues related to ECFA could lead to profound strategic and policy implications for practitioners and policy makers.

The Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies concentrates on global interdisciplinary research on a broad range of business, finance and economics issues. This special issue welcomes both studies that investigate the impact of ECFA on the economic integration of Greater China and Pacific Rim countries and studies that examine the implications of EFCA concerning cross-straits trade relations and East Asian regionalism. The major topics include but not limited to:

1.      Business, economic and financial issues in Greater China or among the Pacific Rim countries

2.      Business opportunities open up to financial markets and services industries in the region

3.      GDP growth and employment effect resulting from FDI and trade expansions

4.      Global monetary and foreign exchange policy

5.      Implications and issues related to FTA and WTO 

6.      International accounting issues related to MNEs investing in Greater China and Pacific Rim countries

7.      MNE’s cost and benefit of China entry partnering with Taiwanese firms

8.      MNE’s strategy capitalizing on Taiwan’s trade relations with Mainland China and Pacific Rim countries

9.      Studies on specific sectors, including cultural/creative industry, high-techs, traditional, agricultural, and various service sectors (e.g. wholesaling and retailing, tourism, transportation, logistics, etc.)

10.  Other interdisciplinary research in global accounting, business, economics, finance, Law, management and marketing

Please submit your paper online and indicate on the title page of your submission that the paper is for the Special Issue on ECFA. All enquiries regarding the special issue should be sent to: Dr. T. Steven Chang, [log in to unmask] or Dr. Li-Ping Cheng, [log in to unmask], and [log in to unmask].


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Deadline for paper submission: December 20, 2011






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