The GCI Team and LectureTools are pleased to announce their partnership in developing a FREE online assessment system. The LectureTools Concept Assessment Tool (LTCAT, can be used by faculty or researchers to diagnose student conceptions and to evaluate learning.  LTCAT ensures student anonymity through internal de-identification of student responses, while maintaining the ability to match pre- and post-instruction results. Faculty assigning a survey for credit can access a list of respondents; those researchers with appropriate human subjects approval can request identified data, as well.

Although most questions were designed for use with entry-level college students, new questions appropriate for students from middle school through upper-level geoscience majors are being contributed by our community co-authors. Specific questions and a discussion of question validity can be found at the GCI Wiki ( New questions are periodically uploaded into LTCAT, and become available for use in student surveys.

The Geoscience Concept Inventory (GCI) is a community-authored assessment tool tailored to meet the highest standards in instrument design. LectureTools is a perfect partner for the GCI as it offers LectureBook, a system already programmed to deliver homework questions to students. Together, the GCI Team and LectureTools are helping to provide the community with opportunities for understanding teaching and learning in the geosciences.

You can develop surveys for your courses or research projects by creating an account at In a few short steps, you can create a course, choose questions to include on a survey, set start and end dates, upload a student roster, and send an email to your students. Short video tutorials have been made to help you through this process.

We hope you find this resource valuable, and we look forward to working with you!


Julie Libarkin and the GCI Team (Special thanks to Emily Geraghty Ward)

Perry Samson and LectureTools (Special thanks to Judy Yu)


For questions about the GCI, contact [log in to unmask]

 Contact [log in to unmask] if you have any questions or suggestions as you navigate the LTCAT site.


Development, expansion, and dissemination of the GCI were funded in part by NSF grants DUE-0127765, DUE-0350395, DGE-9906479, DUE-0717790, and DUE- 0717589. LectureTools was funded in part through NSF grant IIP-1058560. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.