Dear colleagues,

We are negotiating with a major publishing house to publish a book titled
"(Dis)honesty in Management: Manifestations and Consequences" in 2013.

This volume aims to concentrate on different forms of honesty and
dishonesty in management and their consequences for managers, firms and
society. These issues are related to values and behavior patterns and
thus, the basis of contemporary business. Honesty can be defined as the
refusal to pretend that facts of reality are other than what they are
while dishonesty ©¤ including lying, stealing, cheating, distortion,
concealing of important information, failing to fulfill promises, and
abruptly abandoning a business relationship ©¤ presents its opposite.

Our preliminary results show that the understanding of (dis)honesty and
(un)ethical behavior differs in different cultural, societal and
organizational contexts. The fear of dishonesty may change a firm¡¯s local
and international behavior, but also managers¡¯ attitude toward employees.
Some firms avoid deeper relationship-oriented partnerships as they wish to
control internal activities, avoid possible disinformation and prevent
dishonesty/opportunism costs. As a result of distrust, they may also
protect their firm-specific knowledge more, and this may result in a lower
level of knowledge acquisition and reduce partnership satisfaction.
Moreover, distrust may lead to more complex and costly contract
negotiations and governance structures; complicate further business and
lead to relationship termination or governance redesign. Still, sometimes
dishonesty may pay off in the short term.

If you are interested in these topics and would like to contribute to our
book, please send us the title of your chapter, a short abstract
(preferably up to 200 words) and full contact information (including your
job title, phone and fax numbers, postal and e-mail address) by 5th of
October. If your abstract is accepted, we expect full papers by 1st of
March, 2012.

Professor Maaja Vadi
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Senior Researcher Tiia Vissak
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