Volume 28, Issue 3 of Asia Pacific Journal of Management is out now. It features articles by Paul Beamish, Mike W. Peng, Simon Lam and many others. Continuing also in this issue is our on-going series (featured in many of our editorials and commentary articles) on writing and publishing for Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 
APJM is also now in the Social Sciences Citation Index; our first impact factor is 3.36, placing APJM 18th among management journals. 
Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Volume 28, Number 3 / September 2011


Table of Contents




David Ahlstrom

A checklist for prospective authors of Asia Pacific Journal of Management 

pp. 449-452




Cheng-Hua Tzeng, Paul W. Beamish and Shih-Fen Chen

Institutions and entrepreneurship development: High-technology indigenous firms in China and Taiwan 

pp. 453-481


Regular Papers


David B. Zoogah and Mike W. Peng

What determines the performance of strategic alliance managers? Two lens model studies 

pp. 483-508


Simon S. K. Lam and John Schaubroeck

Information sharing and group efficacy influences on communication and decision quality 

pp. 509-528 


Ying Chen and David Touve

Conformity, political participation, and economic rewards: The case of Chinese private entrepreneurs

pp. 529-553


Haizhen Wang, Jie Feng, Xinmei Liu and Ruoyong Zhang

What is the benefit of TMT's governmental experience to private-owned enterprises? Evidence from China

pp. 555-572


Arjan Bernhard Keizer

Flexibility in Japanese internal labour markets: The introduction of performance-related pay

pp. 573-594


Harjinder Gill, John P. Meyer, Kibeom Lee, Kang-Hyun Shin and Chang-Young Yoon

Affective and continuance commitment and their relations with deviant workplace behaviors in Korea

pp. 595-607


Jian An Zhong, Wing Lam and Ziguang Chen

Relationship between leader-member exchange and organizational citizenship behaviors: Examining the moderating role of empowerment

pp. 609-626




Jing Yu Yang, Frank Ben Tipton and Jiatao Li

A review of foreign business management in China 

pp. 627-659


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