Editors: Mai Thi Thanh Thai and Ekaterina Turkina, Department of International Business, HEC Montreal

We are working with Routledge Publisher to edit a book on entrepreneurship in the informal economy and we would like to seek your contributions. The book will provide insights into the activities carried out by entrepreneurs in the informal economic sector in different countries and regions, causes and effects of entrepreneurship in the informal economy, and the types of interventions needed. The book will also discuss the linkages between informal entrepreneurship and economic development and provide recommendations for policymakers on how and when informal economy can be formalized, what sectors should be formalized and what can stay informal. 


The book consists of three parts. The first part will serve as an introduction and present a cross-country analysis of the informal entrepreneurship including socio-economic, politico-administrative, cultural and institutional effects on informal entrepreneurship. The second part will contain in-depth country or region studies of informal entrepreneurship. Chapters in this section must be empirical studies that can be either qualitative or quantitative. And the third part will focus on policy implications.


The book is targeted to policy makers, educators and students in Public Administration and Entrepreneurship programs, NGOs, international organizations, and general public who are interested in informal entrepreneurship. We are planning to have the book completed before the next Academy of Management meeting so that we can make grand publicity for the book since the theme of the next AOM meeting is informal economy.


If you are interested in contributing a chapter to this book, please provide us with the information requested below by September 15, 2011. Thank you.



CONTACT INFORMATION: (Phone and email address)

BRIEF BIO OF AUTHOR(S): (One paragraph description will do)


DESCRIPTION OF BOOK CHAPTER CONTENT: (Please describe the phenomenon covered in your potential chapter, geographical focus, and your study approach. We strongly encourage submissions for the second part of the book)

VALUE: (Briefly describe how your chapter’s contents contribute to a heightened understanding or appreciation of entrepreneurship in the informal economy)


Book chapter proposals received: September 15, 2011

Notification of accepted chapter proposalsOctober 15, 2011

Receipt of full book chapters: January 15, 2012

Chapter authors receive reviews with feedbackFebruary 15, 2012

Final revisions due: April 15, 2012

Book release:  Summer 2012

Please send proposals and inquiries to both:

Mai Thi Thanh Thai: [log in to unmask];

Ekaterina Turkina: [log in to unmask]



Part I: Introduction

Importance of informal economy; determinants of informal entrepreneurship; challenges of managing the informal economy

Part II: Informal entrepreneurship around the world

Country/region studies (qualitative or quantitative papers). We aim to have balanced coverage of country examples from five continents. (We aim to get committed authors for at least 10 chapters).

Part III: Implications

Lessons learned; conditions under which the benefits of informal entrepreneurial activity outweigh the disadvantages; perspectives for formalization of informal sectors; policy recommendations, etc.




Mai Thai, M.B.A., Ph.D.

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