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Here is the latest table of contents for Cross Cultural Management: an International Journal.  Issue 18.3 is a themed issue on “Challenges in cross-cultural research”, together with an additional debate piece from Geert Hofstede and Laura Ann Migliore which examines the latter’s contribution to a previous CCM issue.  Enjoy!
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Article Title: Towards a marketing communications model for small political parties: A primary principles strategic perspective for developed countries
Authors: Alkis Thrassou, Demetris Vrontis, Masaaki Kotabe
Article Type: Conceptual paper
Keywords: Developed countries, Marketing communications, Politics, Small parties, Strategy
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Article Title: The progressive model, an economic reconciliation process for regions in conflict
Authors: Ilan Bijaoui, Suhail Sultan, Shlomo Yedidia Tarba
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Cluster, Economic development, Free economic zone, Industrial district, International conflict, Israel, Olives, Palestine, Progressive model, Regional development
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Article Title: Cross-cultural negotiations revisited: Are Asian generations X and Y members negotiating like their elders?
Authors: Michael Vieregge, Simon Quick
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Asian generations X and Y, Cross-cultural negotiations, Globalization, National cultures
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Article Title: Comparing immigrant and US born Hispanic business professionals: Insights on discrimination
Authors: Robert G. DelCampo, Kathryn J.L. Jacobson, Harry J. Van Buren III, Donna Maria Blancero
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Discrimination, Hispanics, Immigrants, Mentoring, United States of America, White collar workers
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Article Title: Moral philosophy and managerial perceptions of ethics codes: Evidence from Peru and the United States
Authors: Christopher Robertson, Scott Geiger
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Ethics, Managers, Moral philosophy, National cultures, Peru, United States of America
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Article Title: Narratives on Chinese colour culture in business contexts: The Yin Yang Wu Xing of Chinese values
Authors: Kirsi Kommonen
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Business communication, China, Colour, Narratives, National cultures, Value
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Title: Hofstede and Migliore: rebuttal and response
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