This is to remind all AIB members of the upcoming opportunity to submit 
special issue proposals for JIBS, with the deadline for new proposals 
being this coming October 1. Last year we began to consider such special 
issue proposals in the form of an annual competition held each October. 
The successful special issue that emerged from the first competition is 
to be on the topic of The Multinational in Geographic Space, the 
deadline for submissions to which is November 18, see:

JIBS normally publishes 1-2 special issues per year, based on proposals
submitted to the editors of the journal. Proposals are evaluated by the 
JIBS editorial team just once a year, and sent to us by October 1 each 
year. Accordingly, we invite any proposals for JIBS special issues to be 
submitted by October 1st, 2011 to JIBS Managing Editor Anne Hoekman 
<[log in to unmask]>. In the case of a successful proposal, these 
submissions are intended to be the first step along the way to arriving 
at a finalized special issue topic and guest editorial team through a 
further process of discussion with the JIBS editors and the AIB Board.

The full process for submitting and approving a proposal is as follows:

.       Guest Editor(s) submit a proposal to the JIBS Editor-in-Chief
(EIC), outlining their Guest Editor team and their credentials, the
topic for the special issue, the importance of the topic and reasons for 
having a special issue in JIBS, a brief summary of the literature, and a 
list of previous special issues that closely relate to the topic
(whether in JIBS or in another relevant journal), or any sequential
series of articles on a connected theme that have appeared in recent
years in these journals. The proposal should be no more than 3 pages
long, excluding bios or CVs and any combined bibliography, which can be
appended. Additionally, the Guest Editors submit as a further appendix
to a proposal a draft Call for Papers that outlines the theme of the
issue, and possible topics for submissions.  All proposals are to be
submitted by October 1.

.       The EIC will circulate proposals to the full editorial team for
evaluation. Those that have submitted proposals will be notified of the
outcome of the evaluation process by November 1. The Editors will not
provide comments on proposals that are not selected for further
consideration in the current round, although potential Guest Editors are 
welcome to resubmit in a subsequent year revised versions of proposals 
that do not go forward. If the JIBS Editors are interested in a more 
detailed consideration of a special issue proposal, then the Editors 
will work with the Guest Editors by providing comments upon, and helping 
to further develop the proposal and the Call for Papers, and to agree 
upon a consolidated editorial team for the special issue, which will 
include the EIC or Deputy Editor, and at least one established Area Editor.

.       Revised proposals are reviewed at the JIBS editors' meeting in 
January, and the final versions of approved proposals are considered by 
the AIB Board as part of the EIC's Report to the Board in February or March.

.       If approved, with the EIC the Guest Editor team agrees upon a
deadline for submission and a tentative publication date.

.       The final and agreed version of the Call for Papers is posted to 
various list-servs and websites by the JIBS Managing Editor.

A full description of the guidelines for JIBS special issues can be 
found at:

John Cantwell
JIBS Editor-in-Chief

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