*Conference and J I M Special Issue on Emerging Market Firm Competitiveness:

*Internationalization, Innovation and Institutions (3Is)*

* *

*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 11-12, 2011*

* *

*Sponsored by *

*Institute of Global Management Studies (IGMS), Fox School of Business,
Temple University &*

*Emerging Marketing Internationalization Research Group (EMIRG), The
University of Sydney Business School, University of Sydney*

* *

*Convenors: Sid Gray (U Sydney), Vikas Kumar (U Sydney), Ram Mudambi

            This conference aims to advance our understanding of EMF
competitiveness by exploring the dynamic interactions amongst all the 3 I’s,
internationalization, innovation and institutions. We welcome papers from a
variety of contexts that advance our theoretical and empirical understanding
of EMFs in the context of the 3Is. Some illustrative questions that we seek
to address through this conference are:

·        What are the different types of innovation that EMFs are engaged
in? How do these different innovations impact internationalization
strategies of such firms? What type of innovation by EMFs is most useful for
internationalizing into advanced economy markets?

·        How global is innovation activity in emerging markets? What is the
role of emerging market institutions in shaping the innovative ability of
EMFs as well as that of advanced economy multinationals operating in
emerging markets?

·        Do innovations in emerging markets, especially those conducted by
EMFs, mainly target niche markets within the domestic economy? To what
extent can ‘reverse innovation’ guide the innovation strategy of both EMFs
and advanced economy multinationals?

·        Is innovation by EMFs critical to their success in other emerging
markets? How does innovation activity differ in its impact on
internationalization strategy of different types of EMFs based on firm size,
industry, group affiliation and other firm level characteristics?

·        What specific facets of internationalization strategy – entry mode,
scale of entry, foreign partner choice, bargaining power with foreign
entities including government institutions, short term returns, long term
success, and the like – are most impacted through the innovative activity of
emerging market firms?

·        How does innovation being conducted by foreign multinational firms
in emerging markets spillover to other emerging market firms? Does it affect
their internationalization strategy and if so, how?

*Guidelines and Information*
Please submit an extended abstract of 800 – 1000 words (3 – 5 double spaced
pages) by August 29, 2011.  Contributors will receive decisions by September
19, 2011.

Confirmed participants are required to register.  Registration is free for
presenting participants and includes lunches, coffee breaks and the
conference dinner on November 11.

The best papers in the conference will be considered for inclusion in a
special issue of the *Journal of International Management*.  Further details
will be circulated in due course.

*Confirmed Participants include* Garry Bruton (Texas Christian), Jonathan
Doh, (Villanova), Susan Feinberg (Temple), Mike Kotabe (Temple), John Paul
MacDuffie, (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania), Donald Siegel, (U Albany -
SUNY), Stephen Tallman (Richmond).**

Please direct any questions regarding the conference to one of the

Sid Gray: [log in to unmask]

Vikas Kumar: [log in to unmask]

Ram Mudambi
Professor and Perelman Senior Research Fellow
Dept of Strategic Management
Fox School of Business
Temple University
Philadelphia PA 19122, USA
Associate Editor, Global Strategy Journal

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