The Journal of International Marketing wishes to advance Review Articles.

Research in international marketing continues to expand, developing new and innovative dimensions to complex international marketing phenomena. The increase in the amount of research in international marketing poses a challenge to international marketing scholars in identifying relevant prior literature and isolating the most important topics to address for the advancement of the discipline. As such, the Journal of International Marketing wishes to publish articles which both (1) rigorously review the current state of international marketing thought in international marketing areas and (2) provide guidance for future research and practice in these areas. Articles can employ any number of approaches, inclusive of, but not limited to, theoretical review, structured reviews of literature areas, and meta-analytic reviews.

Potential topics of interest would include, but are not limited to:

·         Understanding the antecedents and consequences of international marketing strategy standardization/adaptation

·         Born globals: Integrating the literature and setting a future research agenda

·         Integrating the exporting literature: Antecedents and consequences of export performance

·         An integrative assessment of research on international strategic alliances/joint ventures

·         Meta-theoretical assessment of the international marketing literature

·         Understanding the role of external factors on international marketing issues: A meta-analysis

·         Marketing aspects of international entrepreneurship: A review and future research directions

·         Theoretical approaches to international channel strategy

·         Understanding international pricing strategies:  A literature review with directions for future research

·         Advancement and challenges to international advertising research: A meta-analysis

·         The employment of transaction cost theory in international marketing strategy

·         Agency theory’s insights on international marketing topics

·         The complexity of the country-of-origin literature: Past, present, and future

·         Understanding marketing’s interaction with society: public policy implications

·         Evaluating conceptual and empirical research on the internationalization process of the firm


This is an “open” call and as such there is no specified deadline.


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Check out a forthcoming review article in the Journal of International Marketing


Research on Export Pricing: Still Moving Towards Maturity

Qun Tan and Carlos M. P. Sousa

Journal of International Marketing (2011), 19(3), forthcoming (full article available at:


Over the past four decades there has been a considerable number of studies that have examined the determinants and outcomes of export pricing. However, in spite of this large volume of studies, the knowledge of the determinants and consequences of export pricing is characterized by a fragmented, diverse and inconsistent collection of findings that hinders scholarship and practical advancement in the field. A major reason for this absence of clear insights can be assigned to the lack of synthesis and assimilation of the fragmented knowledge. To address this gap in the literature, this study reviews and evaluates 98 articles published between 1971 and 2010. The results indicate that, although significant progress has been made in recent years, research on export pricing is still characterized by the lack of a strong theoretical basis, the failure to agree on the relevant determinants of export pricing, and some weakness in research designs and analytical techniques, which may explain the many contradictory and confusing findings in the literature. Based on these findings, several implications are discussed and directions for further research considered.


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