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I am a doctoral student of business administration in international business. I am conducting a research study “The Rapid Rise of Chinese Transformational Leadership: The Model for the Contemporary Chinese Business Leaders” to investigate the relationship between cultural values and leadership styles/practices of Chinese business leaders and business leaders living and working in China, at the present time.


I would like to contact businesses and/or organizations operating in China that will allow me to conduct this study by administering a survey to their leaders (supervisors and/or managers).


I would like to ask for your collaboration by sending this email (including the attachments) to a Human Resources Manager, Personnel Manager, CEO, and/or Owner of any business and/or organization located in China that may grant a permission to conduct the study. I really appreciate your kind support.


If you are a Human Resources Manager, Personnel Manager, CEO, and/or Owner of any type of business and/or organization operating in China, I would like to ask for your permission to conduct this study.  Please open the attachments:


  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Participants Letter
  3. Consent Letter
  4. Summary Proposal Study


Thanks for your time and attention, your collaboration and/or approval to conduct this study is greatly appreciated.


I am hoping very much for a favorable reply and hearing from you soon.


Liana C Sáenz

Doctoral Candidate- Argosy University, Florida USA

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Telephone: USA 1(407) 276 0846


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