Dear AIB Members, Colleagues, and Friends:

I am a doctoral student of business administration in international
business. I am conducting a research study “The Rapid Rise of Chinese
Transformational Leadership: The Model for the Contemporary Chinese Business
Leaders” to investigate the relationship between cultural values and
leadership styles/practices of Chinese business leaders and business leaders
living and working in China, at the present time.

I would like to contact businesses and/or organizations operating in China
that will allow me to conduct this study by administering a survey to their
leaders (supervisors and/or managers).

I would like to ask for your collaboration by sending this email (including
the attachments) to a Human Resources Manager, Personnel Manager, CEO,
and/or Owner of any business and/or organization located in China that may
grant a permission to conduct the study. I really appreciate your kind

If you are a Human Resources Manager, Personnel Manager, CEO, and/or Owner
of any type of business and/or organization operating in China, I would like
to ask for your permission to conduct this study.  Please open the

   1. Invitation Letter
   2. Participants Letter
   3. Consent Letter
   4. Summary Proposal Study

Thanks for your time and attention, your collaboration and/or approval to
conduct this study is greatly appreciated.

I am hoping very much for a favorable reply and hearing from you soon.

Liana C Sáenz

Doctoral Candidate- Argosy University, Florida USA

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Telephone: USA 1(407) 276 0846

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