Greetings Colleagues,
Management and Organization Review, Volume 7, Issue 2 (July 2011), is
now available. This special issue on the Globalization of Chinese
Enterprises brings together three exciting articles along with an
introduction from guest editors Ilan Alon, John Child, Shaomin Li, and
John R. McIntyre. This issue also contains four interesting articles
about the antecedents of trust in Turkey and China, social capital and
career advancement in Russia, familiar ties in a Chinese workplace, and
the measurement of cooperative and competitive orientation among Chinese
We hope you will enjoy reading this issue's interesting articles!
 -The MOR Editorial Team 
Management and Organization Review
(c) 2011 The International Association for Chinese Management Research

Volume 7, Issue 2 Pages 191 - 387, July 2011
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From the Guest Editors
	Globalization of Chinese Firms: Theoretical Universalism or
Particularism (pages 191-200)
Ilan Alon, John Child, Shaomin Li and John R. McIntyre
Special Issue Articles
	Family Ownership and the International Involvement of Taiwan's
High-Technology Firms: The Moderating Effect of High-Discretion
Organizational Slack (pages 201-222)
Yunshi Liu, Wen-Ting Lin and Kuei-Yang Cheng
	Motives for Outward FDI of Chinese Private Firms: Firm
Resources, Industry Dynamics, and Government Policies (pages 223-248)
Jiangyong Lu, Xiaohui Liu and Hongling Wang

	Multinational Advantages of Chinese Business Groups: A
Theoretical Exploration (pages 249-277)
Daphne W. Yiu

Regular Articles
	Antecedents of Trust across Foci: A Comparative Study of Turkey
and China (pages 279-302)
Syeda Arzu Wasti, Hwee Hoon Tan and Selin Eser Erdil
	The Reach and Influence of Social Capital for Career Advancement
and Firm Development: Elite Managers and Russia's Exit from Socialism
(pages 303-327)
David O'Brien, Li Zong and Harley Dickinson
	Guanxi Revisited: An Exploratory Study of Familiar Ties in a
Chinese Workplace (pages 329-351)
Jar-Der Luo
Call for Papers

	Special Issue on 'Behavioral Ethics, Organizational Justice, and
Social Responsibility across Contexts' (pages 385-387)


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