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Subject: Call for Papers on Emerging 21st Century Asia (E21A)
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The TNC News is produced by the team of the TNC Conference Secretariat, along the Journal of Transnational Corporations Review with Ottawa International Students Entrepreneurship. It includes English and/or Chinese, which includes the project updates and relevant news to academia, policy circle and TNCs. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you do not wish to receive this information, please kindly send us a message at [log in to unmask].

Call for Papers on Emerging 21st Century Asia (E21A):
Global Business and Policy Perspectives
Edited by Val Samonis, Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR) is calling for a special issue on Emerging 21st Century Asia (E21A), Global Business and Policy Perspectives, which will be published by December 2011.
With stagflation, gyrating financial imbalances, recurring asset price bubbles, primarily in the advanced economies but also in emerging markets, there is a rapidly growing need to learn from past crises in order to avert or minimize new crises using modern knowledge approaches, innovate in business models and critical areas of institutional/systemic solutions. This is of importance globally and specifically for Asia as it moves away from rather traditional external equilibrium systemic solutions (e.g. quasi Bretton Woods arrangement of China with the USA) and, internally, from its traditional comparative/competitive advantages in quickly building hard developmental infrastructure to softer aspects of more advanced development involving new institutions that probably will be a creative blend of Asian, German, and Anglo-Saxon models.
TNCR is a bilingual (Mandarin-English) peer-reviewed international scholarly journal dedicated to providing top analyses (incl. Nobel level) of economic governance, policy, business and technology issues related to transnational corporations, foreign direct investment, institutional/systemic innovation, and global development solutions. The Journal is regularly indexed in ALJC, AMICUS, CrossRef, EBSCO, EconLit, Scopus, and SSCI/SCI (under review). For a sample, please see:
This Special Issue will reflect the TNCR's long-standing dedication to inspiring new economic and business thinking globally, which will include papers from academic, business, and government thought leaders from China/Asia and the rest of the world. It addresses the above challenges for the benefit of those leaders and any concerned citizens of the global village.
The submissions should be prepared in the US English according to the TNCR specific requirements: and emailed by November 30, 2011 to: [log in to unmask] and/or [log in to unmask]
Call for Submission
The Journal of Transnational Corporations Review welcomes submission of papers or articles dealing with any aspect of the economics and policies related to TNCs, FDI or innovation and development issues. Submissions in both English and Chinese are preferable. Authors are requested to submit their papers or articles by email to [log in to unmask] Submissions should be sent as Microsoft Word documents (or an application compatible with Word), accompanied by a statement that the text (or parts thereof) has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. To facilitate expedient publication, all aspects of the process from submission to correspondence and editing are done electronically.

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