Call for Books: Pearson Education/Financial Times Press


The Financial Times (FT) Press is spearheading a publishing initiative in the area of International Business.  We are seeking manuscripts -- including both print and digital products – which will advance the state of knowledge in international business, targeting managers and graduate students.


Interested authors should send me an initial proposal answering the following questions:


  1. What is the core value proposition, that is:
    1. The message you are trying to get across to your customer base?
    2. What are the takeaways you want your reader to walk away with?
    3. What would be the advertising slogan you’d reduce your message to?
  2. Who is the target audience, and how is the book relevant to them? 
  3. What do you see the book as accomplishing? What value will the reader get out of the book? 
  4. What do you think is unique about your message/book?
  5. How do you view your book in comparison to others on the shelf?  Answering this question requires a thorough review of specific current titles (identify 3 to 5 titles) that might be considered competitive, a short summary of their message and a statement about how your book differs.  
  6. Are there any special features? (e.g., case examples, quotes/perspectives from current business leaders, lessons drawn from specific companies/people, sidebars, assessments...)


The annotated table of contents should lay out the structure of the book and provide a brief description of the contents of each chapter. We welcome your ideas on how we can collaborate on promoting your book:

  1. Will you be able to promote the book in your organization?
  2. Would you market your book virally? (Would you be able to promote the book online through a blog, email databases, a website, etc.?)
  3. Are you aware of any organizations, associations, corporate universities, companies who would support the book through promotions, internal programs, etc.?


We look forward to working with AIB members to develop additional books in our field. Please feel free to email me [log in to unmask] with any additional questions you may have.


Ilan Alon, Ph.D.

Financial Times/Pearson Education Consulting Editor


Cornell Professor of International Business

Director of The China Center, Rollins College

Visiting Scholar and Asia Fellow, Harvard University


Rollins College

1000 Holt Ave

Winter Park, Florida 32789, USA


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