Recently Published: Entrepreneurial and Business Elites of China: The Chinese Returnees who have Shaped Modern China<>

Edited by Wenxian Zhang, Huiyao Wang and Ilan Alon

This important reference title focuses exclusively on the elite entrepreneurs of new China and contains more than 100 substantial profiles of top overseas returnees who have made noteworthy contributions to the Chinese economy since the reform era began in 1978. A returnee is defined as a Chinese native who was born in China, left to study overseas as a student, visiting scholar or guest researcher for over one year, and has returned to China to work on a permanent basis. This edited book begins with an introduction outlining the brief history of the returnees, and their impacts on Chinese society in general and economic development in particular. The biographical work summarizes each individual's life and business career, with a central focus on his/her accomplishments and the key roles played in the new Chinese economy.

This unique collection gives comprehensive, up-to-date coverage on notable business leaders that have reshaped the country's economic landscapes and played an active role on the social and political stages, and provides a research tool that can be easily accessed by students, librarians, business professionals and anyone interested to learn more about the country's economy and its key players.

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