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Journal of Knowledge Globalization

Call for papers: Special Issue on Global Supply Chains Spring 2012
Special Issue Editor: Prof. Ken Hung ([log in to unmask]). Deadline for submissions: 1 November 2011.

Supply chain is a global phenomenon. Increasingly, the linkages from raw materials to final products, and from producers to consumers, transcend national boundaries. Organizations seek efficiencies in business and non-business operations in the application of supply chains.. For instance, in the case of getting a toy in the hands of a parent, or getting emergency supplies to the survivors of an earthquake, supply chains play a crucial role..  While recent supply chains have a heavy reliance on communication and computing technologies, efficient supply chains also exist in traditional sectors with relatively low reliance on modern technologies. Thus, different best practices may have evolved in various countries on how to deal with issues related to cost, quality, time, and flexibility.  This special issue is intended to be a forum to share the dispersed and diverse knowledge in the field of supply chains  among academics and practitioners with the intent to  generate  ideas for further research as well as for lessons for  practical application.

Journal of Knowledge Globalization (JKG): We perceive globalization to be the continuing effort by the peoples of the world to interact and share in the pursuit of their objectives transnationally.  The objective of JKG ( is to promote the sharing of knowledge globally. We consider our domain to be that of promoting knowledge that is multidisciplinary and global in intent.

 JKG is sponsored by Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts and published in the Simon Fraser University Online Journal System ( Editor: C. Gopinath, Suffolk University ([log in to unmask])



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