Have you read AIB Insights recently? Three reasons to read AIB Insights:

1. AIB Insights features research “insights” from AIB fellows

"Insights into the Future of International Business" by Yair Aharoni; (Number 11, Issue 2)

"Insights into the Global Factory" by Peter Buckley; (Number 11, Issue 2)

"Global 'Chop Shops' Slice, Dice and Outsource the Value Chain by Farok J. Contractor; (Number 11, Issue 2)

"When Less is More: A Personal Perspective on CK Prahalad's Accomplishments" by Yves Doz (Number 11, Issue 2)

"Offshoring, Outsourcing, and Strategy in the Global Firm" by Stephen Tallman;(Number 11, Issue 1)

"Multinationals Make Money in the Third World" by Louis T. Wells (Number 10, Issue 1)

2. AIB Insights provides contemporary articles you can use in your teaching

"The Imperative of Global Environmental Scanning" by Peter Enderwick (Number 11, Issue 1)

Latest Trends in Global FDI Flows and Policies: A Synthesis of Recent Research by UNCTAD" by James Zhan and Guoyong Liang (Number 11, Issue 1)

"Gung Ho: A Fresh Look at a Video Classic for Teaching Cross-Cultural Management" by William R. Pendergast (Number 10, Issue 3)

"Bangalore vs. Bollywood: Connectivity and Catch-Up in Emerging Market Economies" by Mark Lorenzen and Ram Mudambi (Number 10, Issue 1)

"Thinking Strategically during the Global Downturn" by Klaus E. Meyer (Number 9, Issue 2)

3. AIB Insights features articles on curricular innovations in international business education and service

"The Launching of a New International Business Major in the Digital Age" by Clifford Wymbs (Number 10, Issue 2)

"International Business Consulting: Pedagogy for a Global Economy?" by J. Mark Munoz and Jon F. "Rick" Bibb (Number 10, Issue 3)

"Creating an Undergraduate International Business Major: Reflections from Fifteen Years Later" by Donald P. Rogers (Number 10, Issue 2)


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