Dear Colleagues

First, I want to apologize for any cross-postings.

We are conducting a meta-analysis related to Black, Mendenhall & Oddou’s
(1991) framework of international adjustment. We have performed a
comprehensive search of the published literature and are now seeking
other unpublished papers that cover the relationship between
anticipatory/pre-assignment or in-country variables and the degree of
expatriates' adjustment during international assignments.

Specifically, the kinds of independent variables we are tracking include
different measures of anticipatory/pre-assignment adjustment (e.g., on
an individual level: cross-cultural training or previous experience; on
the organizational level: selection mechanisms and criteria) and
in-country adjustment (e.g., on an individual level: self-efficacy,
relation skills, perception skills; on the job-level: role
clarity/discretion/novelty/conflict; on the organizational level:
organizational culture novelty, social support, logistical help,
socializations tactics, socialization content; non-work influences:
culture novelty, family/spouse adjustment).

The dependent variables are the three dimensions of adjustment: work,
interaction and cultural/general.

If you have an unpublished study in press, in manuscript form, or in
progress, we would be very grateful to hear about it, you can send them
via e-mail to [log in to unmask] Of course, your work would
also be included or cited in our eventual paper.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best wishes,

Dr. Stefan Volk
Assistant Professor

Tübingen University
Department of International Business
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