The Fourth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference 

Subsistence Marketplaces to Sustainable Marketplaces: From Micro-level
Insights to Macro-Level Impact



July 27-29, 2012

Chicago, Illinois



Srinivas Sridharan

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

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Conference Chairs


Clifford Shultz, II

Loyola University Chicago 

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Madhu Viswanathan

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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Arrangements Chair

Raymond Benton

Loyola University Chicago

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Organized jointly by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Loyola
University Chicago, and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, the Fourth
Subsistence Marketplace Conference will be held July 27-29, 2012 in Chicago
at the Loyola University Chicago Water Tower Campus. 

Subsistence marketplaces consist of consumer and entrepreneur communities
living at subsistence income levels, and are concentrated in developing
countries and regions such as Brazil, India, China, Vietnam and Sub-Saharan
Africa. In the last five years, the Subsistence Marketplaces Conference has
been a leading forum for evolving and sharing research and fostering best
practices in these communities. 

In its fourth edition, the theme of the 2012 conference is on the emergence
of macro-level implications from micro-level research insights. To
generalize and expand findings from focused studies of individual consumers,
entrepreneurs, and communities, to higher levels such as marketplace
ecosystems, markets, economies, and regions is a complex endeavor. It needs
dedicated multi-disciplinary, multi-level, and multi-sector work that will
guide meaningful policy and market decisions. 

The conference will include plenary panels, participatory workshops, key
note speeches by thought leaders, special sessions on specific topics, and
presentations of papers submitted in response to this call. An emphasis will
be on sharing ideas and knowledge among researchers, practitioners and

Details about registration, lodging, and accommodations will be available
soon on the conference website at
Continuing the practices of past conferences, arrangements including lodging
will emphasize affordability for a diverse range of participants.  Beginning
with preconference workshops and a reception on July 27, the conference will
continue on the 28th and conclude by mid-afternoon on the 29th.  


Call for Papers

Academics, students, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, business and
nonprofit practitioners are encouraged to attend and submit papers on a wide
range of topics on subsistence marketplaces. Consistent with the theme of
the conference, papers emphasizing a bottom-up emergent view are encouraged.
Papers that explicitly explore how specific micro-level elements (e.g.
consumer behavior) undergo dynamics of interaction and amplification to
yield higher-level phenomena (e.g. marketing ecosystem) are especially

Some suggested topics are found below; submissions may go beyond these:

*	Consumers and Sellers in Subsistence Marketplaces

o   Consumer behavior in subsistence marketplaces 

o   Entrepreneurship in subsistence marketplaces

o   Consequences of literacy and poverty for consumption and

o   Co-creation of value by consumers or entrepreneurs 

o   Emergence of marketing systems 

.         Environmental Sustainability and Subsistence

o   Local indicators of sustainability

o   Environmentalism of subsistence consumers and entrepreneurs

o   Issues of environmental justice relating to subsistence marketplaces

o   Sustainable product design for subsistence marketplaces

*	Incorporating global sustainability in goods and services for
subsistence marketplaces


.         Business Practices in Subsistence Marketplaces

*	Developing, inventing and re-inventing new products and services for
subsistence marketplaces
*	Scaling products and services
*	Organization design and re-design for operating in subsistence
*	Collaborative models for business innovations 
*	Supply chain and distribution challenges and opportunities
*	Pricing for value and sustainability
*	Marketing communication and education
*	Innovative research methods 


*	Economic and Financial Perspectives on Subsistence Marketplaces

*	Next generation of micro-credit ideas
*	Economic development
*	Financial literacy

*	Health, Well-being and Justice in Subsistence Marketplaces

o   Women's empowerment and subsistence marketplaces

*	Social Innovations for Subsistence Marketplaces

*	Merging social and business missions through social innovations
*	Incorporating business practices in nonprofit organizations
developing social innovations
*	Scaling social innovations
*	Social innovation alliances and partnerships among NGOs,
governments, and businesses

.         Management Education on Subsistence Marketplaces

*	Bringing subsistence contexts into the business classroom
*	Multidisciplinary teaching initiatives addressing subsistence
phenomena and regions


All authors are asked to submit a three-page abstract, from which acceptance
decisions will be made and preliminary session planning will be carried out.
We encourage abstracts of individual presentations from researchers and
practitioners as well as proposals for special sessions which confirm
attendance of listed participants.  

Submission Deadline for Three-Page Abstract: January 31, 2012 

Submission Requirements:

Page 1:                        Title, author(s), and full contact
information (including e-mail).

Pages 2-3:        Double-spaced abstract of the paper or special session,
inclusive of references, tables, and                         other key

E-mail as a Word document to Madhu Viswanathan, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign at             [log in to unmask], Cliff Shultz at
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> , and Srinivas Sridharan at
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Notification of Review Decision: February 15, 2012


Submissions for Publication

We are currently exploring the possibility of a publication that is
partially or fully based on articles stemming from presentations at the
conference.  Prior conferences have led to a book (Advances in International
Management series by Elsevier in 2007), and special journal issues/sections
(Journal of Business Research, 2009 and Forthcoming).  Further details about
publication opportunities will be available as they are finalized.  A
tentative schedule is as follows:

Submission Deadlines for Full Drafts: 

                        August 31, 2012 - Deadline for paper submission
after incorporation of comments from 

conference participants and conference chairs

                        November 30, 2012 - Feedback to authors after peer

                        January 31, 2013 - Deadline for revised submission

May 31, 2013 - Final deadline for subsequent revisions

Submission Requirements:

Page 1:                        Title, author, and full contact information
(including e-mail).

Pages 2-35:      Double-spaced 12 point Times font not to exceed 35 pages
including references, appendices, and exhibits.

E-mail as a Word document to Madhu Viswanathan, University of Illinois at

at  [log in to unmask], Cliff Shultz at [log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> , and Srinivas Sridharan at 

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