2011 China Business Culture Research Conference


Chinese culture has profoundly influenced the way a firm does business in contemporary China. With China’s growing economic power and international status, multinational corporations have been increasing their presence in China. Yet, it is truly challenging for practitioners and researchers to fully grasp the unique aspects and diversity of regional business cultures throughout China. Moreover, rapid globalization and development of information technology have enabled increasing numbers of Chinese companies to go international. Understanding foreign business cultural environments is an essential element in ensuring their successful entry into a foreign market.


The main purpose of the 2011 China Business Culture Research Conference, which will be held from 21 Oct. to 24 Oct. 2011 in Jinan, Shangdong, China, is to promote the development of business culture research and practice. The conference will provide a high-level academic exchange platform for scholars in business culture to facilitate their communication and discussion of the latest research output.



Shandong University

The Journal of China Business Culture Research

Jinan Management Science Institution



MAG Scholar

Asian Journal of Business Research


Conference topics:


The conference will include, but not be limited to, discussion of the following research topics:


○ The Domain of Chinese business culture;

○ International and Chinese business culture development and progress;

○ International business cultural diversity;

○ Comparisons between Chinese business culture and other business cultures;

○ Confucian entrepreneurial culture;

○ Business group culture;

○ Entrepreneurial culture;

○ Regional business culture;

○ Commodity culture;

○ Brand culture;

○ Business etiquette;

○ Guanxi in business;

○ Advertising culture;

○ Corporate culture;

○ Consumer culture;

○ Currency culture;

○ Bazaar culture;

○ Business luck culture;

○ Tourism and culture;

○ Corporate culture;

○ China business culture innovation;

○ Business culture and Chinese management style;

○ Business culture and economic development;

○ Business culture and social development.


Conference schedule:

21 Oct. Registration

22 Oct., 2011, Morning, – Conference opening ceremony and keynote speech

22 Oct., 2011, Afternoon – Panel discussion

23 Oct 2011, Panel discussion

24 Oc. 2011, Tour to Qufu, Mount Tai or Ancient Capital Qi (cultures of Qi and Lu)


Important days:

22 Aug 2011 – Deadline of call for papers

22 Sep 2011 – Notification of paper acceptance

22-23 Oct 2011 – China Business Culture Research Conference


Paper submission:

Authors are encouraged to submit their full papers via internet to the conference email address: [log in to unmask]. A paper review committee, formed by distinguished scholars, will review the submitted papers, and the results will be announced before 15 September 2011. The conference accepts normative, empirical and practical papers. Selected papers will be published in academic journals such as China Business Culture Research, Journal of China Business Culture Research, and Asian Journal of Business Research.


Conference Organization:

Organizing Committee:

Chairmen:         Professor Xingyuan Wang (Shandong University)

Professor Zhilin Yang (City University of Hong Kong)

Committee members:

Professor Guoqun Fu (Peking University)

Professor Jiang Wei (Zhejiang University)

Professor Congdong Li (Jinan University)

Professor Dongjin Li (Nankai University)

Professor Jing Huang (Wuhan University)

Professor Xudong Gao (Tsinghua University)

Professor Yuhuang Zheng (Tsinghua University)

Professor Mingli Zhang (Beihang University)

Professor Zhaohua Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Professor Yunqi Zhang (Central University of Finance and Economics)

Professor Ya Sheng (Zhejiang Gongshang University)

Professor Youjin Liu (Xiangtan University)

Professor Yonggui Wang (University of International Business and Economics)

Professor Tao Wang (Wuhan University)

Professor Haizhong Wang (Sun Yat-Sen University)

Professor Fasheng Zhao (Confucianism Research Centre, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Professor Zhiying Liu (University of Science and Technology of China)

Professor Jinlan Liu (Tianjin University)

Professor Hongwei Liu (Shandong University)

Professor Zhijun Chen (Shandong University)

Professor Zuohao Hu (Tsinghua University)

Professor Yongqiang Li (Southwest University of Finance & Economics)

Professor Zhou Meihua (China University of Mining & Technology)

Professor Lu Yudong (Dalian University of Technology)

Professor Chenting Su (City University of Hong Kong)

Professor Alan Cai (Carletin University, Canada)

Professor Kim-Shyan Fam (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Professor Michael R. Hyman (New Mexico State University. USA)

Professor Thomas Madden (South Carolina University. USA)

Professor Chenglu Wang (New Heaven University, USA)

Professor Florian Wangenheim (Technical University of Munich, Germany)


Committee Secretariat:

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