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Special Issue:  Professional Services Industry: Challenges and Opportunities of 
Service Industries Journal, published by Taylor & Francis
Guest Editors:  Professor Vlad Vaiman and Professor Gerhard Apfelthaler
Issue Release: volume 32, issue 10 (2012)
Internal and external barriers to international expansion are substantial for 
firms in the professional services industry. At the same time, multi-lateral 
trade agreements, developments in information and communication technology, the 
increased global presence of their clients, and the development of multinational 
firms in emerging markets have been important drivers towards broader and more 
accelerated internationalization in the professional services industry. For most 
firms in the professional services industry, an expansion across borders results 
in the need for the acquisition of additional knowledge capital, challenges with 
the transfer of know how across organizational and national borders, and 
problems with foreign legal and institutional environments (Brock & Alon, 2009). 
And yet, surprisingly little research on this growing phenomenon has been 
published in the fields of international business, international management, or 
cross-cultural management. A relatively recent literature review (Netland & 
Alfnes, 2007) has shown that only 31 articles on the topic had been published in 
the most important service industries journals between 1999 and 2005. We 
therefore invite original contributions by scholars from a broad range of fields 
including (but not limited to) economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human 
resource management, international business, international management, knowledge 
management, management, marketing, organizational behaviour, and strategy.
Subject Coverage
We welcome both empirical and conceptual articles. Examples of topic areas 
appropriate to the theme of the special issue include:
	* Motivation for internationalization of professional service firms. 
	* Internationalization paths in the professional services industry. 
	* Foreign market entry modes in the professional services industry. 
	* Global account and customer relationship management in the professional 
services industry. 

	* Managing human resources in the professional services industry across 

	* Cross-cultural differences in the professional services industry. 
	* Global management of knowledge and learning in the professional services 

	* Performance of professional service firms in the global marketplace. 
	* The role of technology in the internationalization of professional service 

	* Internationalization, Regionalization and Globalization in the professional 
services industry. 

	* Development of the professional services industry in emerging markets.
The deadline for submitting papers isApril 15, 2011.  Questions about content, 
ideas, and first drafts should be directed to the guest editors Professor Vlad 
Vaiman, at [log in to unmask], and Professor Gerhard Apfelthaler, at 
[log in to unmask]  Please clearly identify your submission in the email 
subject line, SIJ -Professional Services Industry: Challenges and Opportunities 
of Internationalization- Special Issue. 

Final papersmust be submitted via Manuscript Central 
(, upon guest editor’s confirmation.  All 
papers will go through the regular double-blind review process to ensure its 
relevance and quality, and must follow the SIJ Style Guidelines (see This special issue will 
be published in volume 32, issue 10 (2012).

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