Hi Wendi,
Thank you so much for asking about this. We are far enough along that we
may not need any more students of yours for my students to contact. On
the other hand, none of my students has yet to get a reply from his or
her first email to people they did get permission to contact. If that
continues, I may ask if we could try some of your students!

In addition, my spring quarter class (winter quarter will end in a
couple of weeks) will undertake the same sort of inquiry, in May. If you
will still be teaching your classes then, or a new class that we could
try the same thing with, please stay in touch and see about sharing
student names and email addresses to the extent that students express

By the way, my students are asking a prescribed list of questions (a
survey, really, but we try to avoid calling it that) to the students
they contact. The students they contact might be interested in asking
for and receiving my own students' responses to the same questions, to
make it a two-way exchange that might feed back into discussion in the
class at the other school.

Anyway, I would say, please stand by on providing students for us to
contact for now, but I may be bothering you again either in the near
future or later this spring, if your don't mind. Thank you!


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Hi, Ralph.

I have intro-level (peers to your group) at NorthWest Arkansas Community
College in Bentonville and also at the University of Arkansas at Little
Rock that I can ask.  I also have some majors/minors/grads in an
Environmental Geology class at UA-LIttle Rock that may be very good at
communicating with them, as well.

Will ask everyone.

Next step?  Want them to contact you directly or would you prefer that I
send one master list with names and college email addresses of those
agreeing to exchange e-mails at least once?


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> For an assignment aimed at expanding global awareness of geology and
> people, I am looking for a class or two outside north central
> State (where I am) from which I could have my students contact
> individual students, and ask some geology related questions of them.
> These would be your students. I am asking for your help setting this
> a couple of you who would be OK with asking your students if they
> mind being contacted, and then getting me the contact information.
> (Email addresses would be easiest, I think, at least to make initial
> contacts.)
> This could be fun, and educational for your students, too.
> My class is 23 students in a Geology 101, Introduction to Physical
> Geology, at a small community college in central Washington state.
> students need not be in the equivalent class; they could be anywhere
> grades 6-16. It would make sense that your students, like mine, be in
> geology or earth science class, which this exchange of information
> enrich.
> Thank you!
> --Ralph
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