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Subject: Federal Literacy Aid Slashed as Part of Budget Deal


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> Slashed as Part of Budget Deal By Erik Robelen on March 2, 2011 9:32

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> Federal support for literacy was dealt a heavy blow today.

> This afternoon, President Barack Obama signed into law a stopgap

> spending bill that ends federal funding for several literacy programs

> at the U.S. Department of Education, part of a planned government-wide

> reduction of $4 billion. The measure also eliminated or trimmed

> spending for a variety of other education programs.

> The plan originated in the House, where Republican leaders insisted

> that cuts be part of the deal to keep the government running for two

> more weeks. Passage of the legislation buys lawmakers and the White

> House more time to negotiate on a longer-term budget plan for fiscal

> 2011. It passed the House yesterday by a vote of 335-91 and the Senate

> this morning by a vote of 91-9.

> The cuts include funding for the $250 million Striving Readers

> program, the $67 million Even Start family-literacy program, the $25

> million Reading Is Fundamental program, and the $26 million National

> Writing Project.

> To be clear, the cuts will affect funding for the current fiscal year,

> which began last October. (Yes, it's fair to say Congress is a little

> behind schedule.) For the big picture, check out my colleague Alyson

> Klein's post over at Politics K-12.

> President Obama himself has repeatedly proposed essentially

> eliminating discrete funding for these individual programs, but with

> an important caveat: He wants to replace them with a broader, more

> flexible pot of competitive dollars for what he's called the Effective

> Teaching and Learning: Literacy Fund. (He also has proposed to

> consolidate other programs into two related funds for Effective

> Teaching and Learning in STEM education and a "Well- Rounded

> Education.") Of course, the bill approved yesterday in the House,

> which was supported by nearly all Republicans and more than half of

> the chamber's Democrats, includes no such larger literacy program.

> The legislation President Obama signed today also eliminates federal

> aid for a number of other Education Department offerings, including

> the $40 million Arts in Education program, the $88 million Smaller

> Learning Communities program, and the $64 million Leveraging

> Educational Assistance Partnerships, or LEAP, program.

> One literacy program at the Education Department that was spared from

> any cuts was the $19 million Improving Literacy Through School

> Libraries program.

> Speaking of literacy and the federal government, my co-blogger here,

> Catherine, wrote earlier this week about a new guide to federal aid

> for grade-level reading proficiency. (Something tells me the guide may

> need a few tweaks after this week is over.) Catherine also wrote about

> remarks Secretary of Education Arne Duncan made this week about early

> reading.







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