I am seeking reviewers for the next 12 to 18 months for a special issue of The Journal of Management Development concerned with managerial leadership amongst businesspeople and business students from various national and sub-national samples. If you have interest and expertise in this area I will appreciate your commitment to review a manuscript or two or three. Reviewers will be acknowledged in the issue. Please send your name and organisational affiliation, and if desired, geographic regions of interest.

Romie Frederick Littrell, BA, MBA, PhD, FIAIR

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

IV. 1st stanza, War is Kind and Other Lines, Stephen Crane, 1899

A little ink more or less!

It surely can't matter?

Even the sky and the opulent sea,

The plains and the hills, aloof,

Hear the uproar of all these books.

But it is only a little ink more or less.


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