Thunderbird International Business Review,  March 2011, Vol. 53/2

Guest Editor:  Amir Shoham, PhD, Colman School of Business Administration

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Part I - The Global Recession of 2008

The Financial Crisis and Trade - Key Impacts, Interactions and Outcomes
            Soledad Zignago, Toulouse Business School
            Louise Curran, Banque de France

Examining the Global Reach of the 2008 Economic Downturn

            Yener Kandogan, University of Michigan, Flint

Using the Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM) for Risk Management - A Tool    for Multinational Corporation Managers

            Miki Malul, Mosi Rosenboim, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

            Shlomo Yedidia Tarba, Open University

Four Myths and a Financial Crisis,
            Radu Vranceneau, ESSEC

New Waves of Growth in the Developed World
            Mark Purdy, Ladan Davarzani, Athena Peppes, Accenture Institute for          High Performance

Part II:  Local Impacts of the Global Recession

Dancing as Fast as They Can
            Tamar Almor, Colman School of Business Administration

Learning from the Worst Behaved: Iceland's Financial Crisis and Nordic Comparison
            Throstur Olaf Sigurjonsson, Reykjavík University School of Business and     Copenhagen Business School
            Mar Wolfgang Mixa, Reykjavík University School of Business

Defensive and Expansion Responses to Environmental Shocks in China: Interpreting the 2008 Economic Crisis
            Bao Yongian, Bradley Olson, Yuan Wenlong, University of Lethbridge

Emerging Economies and the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from China and India
            Nir Kshetri, University of North Carolina, Greensburg

The Great Recession of 2008: Impact on the Bangladesh Economy and International Business Implications
            Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Atish Dipankar University of Science and            Technology
            Anisul M. Islam, University of Houston, Downtown
            Victoria J. Wise, Victoria University

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