*We've relaunched* Real Time Farms <>!

*The national* site to help you follow your food from farm to fork, whether
eating in or eating out. Know where you food comes from, and feel good about
the food you eat.

So what's new, besides the sexy new design? (Thank you to everyone for your
suggestions - they greatly informed the features we built!)

   - *See what’s fresh now in your town and across the country! *The front
   page gives you an overall picture of what’s being added in real-time! You
   can then go deeper, enter in your zip code, and be taken to information
   particular to your neck of the woods.

   - *Add and Search Farms, Food Artisans, Farmer Markets, and Distributors!
   *Add your favorites now <>! We just make the
   tools to help you tell the story. (that's all free!)

   - *Show your support and affiliation! *You can mark you favorite farms
   and farmers markets as well as indicate whether or not you volunteer, farm,
   or manage a local farm and/or farmers market. Start adding what you know
   to the food guide! <>

   - *Check out the oh so elusive Real Time Farms
Blog<>(well-hidden on the last site).

   - *You can explore the reasons locavores, chefs, market managers, and
   farmers across the country are using Real Time
Farms!*<>Watch video
clips, read testimonials, and most importantly, explore the
   tools we’ve created for you to share you’re food story with the world.

Thanks for checking it out, and be sure to let us know what you

Best wishes,

All of us at Real Time Farms

Cara S. Rosaen
Director of Vegetable Outreach, Real Time Farms<>
(734) 531-7796
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