Are you a freshvegetable or fruit farmer planning on or already GAP (Good Ag Practices) certified?    We hope that you will share what resources are most helpful to achieve this goal.

Are you working on a food safety plan for your farm OR already certified by USDA GAP, Primus, Davis Fresh or any other third party food safety certification agency?  We ask if you would share resources that you find most helpful. Whether itís a WEB site, book or person, we would like to be able to share these resources with other farmers like yourself.


If you are wiling to share this information s, please contact Vicki Morrone at [log in to unmask] or 517-353-3542. Vicki is part of a Food Safety committee that is building a WEB site to assist farmers seeking GAP certification and educators seeking to help farmers. We hope that you will help us to help other farmers. We are trying to get this information quickly, as the growing season will soon be upon us so please, if you can send your "sharings" by February 20th so we can start to fill the WEB page with farmer tested resources.


This work is being done by  a committee of educators from across Michigan (MSU,MDA, MIFFS and MSUE) teaming to build resources to help farmers learn and earn third party food safety certification (GAP).  We are planning a web page that houses various educational resources to help farmers with the process of Food Safety Certification. We would like to ask if you would share any web pages, documents or other resources that you find helpful toward becoming GAP certified. With your help, we will place the information on a web page for farmers to easily access, at no cost. Once this web page is developed, we would love to have you review it to assure it is user-friendly and contains good information.  Please contact us by Friday, Feb 20th  with your favorite resources. We hope to hear from you soon. 

Please if you can help us spread the word and share with farmers that you work with that will be most appreciated.


Vicki Morrone
303 Natural Resources
East Lansing MI 48824
517-353-3542/517-282-3557 (cell)
517-353-3832 fax 

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