Please note they have made this auction for organic farmers only.

Zimba Dairy Auction February 09, 2011

Zimba Dairy Auction                                                            February 09, 2011

I have been asked to assist in spreading the word concerning a LARGE auction of farm equipment.  Bidding is via the internet and begins February 9 and ends on February 15.
This is a very large auction for farm equipment which has been used primarily in organic farming.  Typical usages have been for soybeans, corn, small grains, and edible beans.

You may become super informed by going to the website below and begin your bidding promptly.
This e-mail is being distributed to approximately 2500 know organic farmers in the Great Lakes area, in the Northeast and in the middle of the country.  But sales of course are not limited to organic only farmers.

If you have a winning bid, please use the following code at some point to identify this ad.  The code is Mi list.

Thank you and good luck in finding what you need.

Feel free to pass this e-mail along to whomever you think may be interested.

Sent by Ed Zimba-Organic Dairy Farmer and owner of these items.

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