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I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of three open calls for International Marketing Review special issues.  A brief description follows, with full details and submission information in the URLs.

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Dr Martyn Lawrence
Senior Publisher - International Marketing Review

Theme: International Marketing Theory, Strategy and Implementation: Insights from Latin America
Editors: Jeryl Whitelock and Fernando Fastoso
Summary: While Latin America has received some attention in the more general area of management, international marketing research in the Latin American context remains neglected.  We encourage papers of both an empirical and conceptual nature presenting insights from the Latin American context which advance our knowledge and understanding of international marketing from a theoretical, strategic or implementation perspective.

Theme: International Marketing, Strategic Orientations and Business Success
Editor: John Cadogan
Summary: Over the last two decades, we have witnessed a rapid growth in research into strategic orientations in the main-stream, the non-international, and the strategic marketing literatures.  The culmination of much of this research indicates that the possession of certain strategic orientations is often beneficial for businesses.  However, research into strategic orientations within the international marketing literature is less well developed.  The purpose of this special issue is to shed new light on strategic orientations, and their consequences and antecedents, within the international marketing arena.

Theme: Internationalization Patterns of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Editors: Olli Kuivalainen and Rod McNaughton
Summary: After more than two decades of research on the internationalization of small firms and new ventures, the literature characterizes several stereotypical patterns (or paths/pathways) of SME internationalization with respect to timing of entry, geographic range and intensity of commitment to foreign markets.  In this special issue, we intend to present studies that explicitly deal with the internationalization patterns of internationalizing SMEs (e.g., international new ventures, born-global firms, born-again global firms), and to consider the antecedents and consequences/performance outcomes of internationalization patterns.

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