** High Priority **

                      May 17 to 19, 2011
The DEADLINE for submissions is February 14, 2011.

- Georgia State University's J. Mack Robinson College of Business
- Emory University's Roberto C. Goizueta Business School
- Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Management

Pre-conference Workshop: May 17 - 8 a.m. - 12 noon
Main Program: May 17-19, 2011 (noon Tuesday to noon Thursday)

Main program venue:    
 - Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business -

Buckhead Executive Education Center
Evening events hosted by:   
- Emory University’s Roberto C. Goizueta Business School
- Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Management
Conference hotel:
- InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta

- Jay Barney will lead a panel of authors contributing
    articles to the Journal of Management’s forthcoming 
    2011 special issue on " Resource-Based Theory: 
    Twenty Years of Accomplishments and Future Challenges"
    Journal of Management 

- Keynote addresses by Joel Baum, Ranjay Gulati and Rebecca Henderson

- Rich Makadok, Emory University 
- Bill Bogner, Georgia State University         
- Asli Arikan, Ilgaz Arikan, Bill Bogner, Irene Duhaime, 
Rajiv Nag, & Olga Petricevic, Georgia State University
- Rich Makadok, Emory University
- Marco Ceccagnoli, J. Jay Lee, Alexander Oettl, 
& Henry Sauermann, Georgia Institute of Technology

- Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City
- The Institute of International Business at Georgia 
State University  
- Herman J. Russell Sr. International Center for 
Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University

- Beckmill Research
The "big picture" strategy questions...
- Where do competitive & distinctive advantages
    come from, and how are they sustained?

- Why do some companies consistently 
    outperform their competitors?
- Why do some businesses succeed in the same 
    industry environments where others fail?

 - And what, if anything, can managers and
    entrepreneurs actually do about it?

- What are the unique challenges of building and
    sustaining competitive advantage in special 
    contexts like new ventures and international

The aim of this annual conference is to improve 
our ability to answer these "big picture" questions 
and other related questions of corporate strategy, 
entrepreneurial strategy, and international strategy,
by bringing together some of the world's top researchers 
on competitive advantage for three days each year in Atlanta.
We expect to:
- Share cutting-edge research, ideas, and theories.
- Foster collaborative research efforts.
- Build a worldwide association and network of
    researchers who are dedicated to advancing the
    state of knowledge about competitive advantage.
The conference organizers invite the submission
of unpublished working papers that advance the
state of knowledge about competitive advantage 
addressing the “big picture” questions posed above. 

We are especially interested in increasing the number
of submissions that address research questions about
competitive advantage in the special contexts of 
entrepreneurship and international business.
- Conference registration fee will be WAIVED for 
    ALL authors of accepted papers. 

- All authors of accepted papers will also receive catered 
    meals and deeply discounted hotel rates ($129 per 
    night at the conference hotel - internet service included- 
    while room supply lasts), but will be expected to pay 
    for their own hotel, airfare, & other travel expenses.
- Submitted papers will undergo a selection 
    process, NOT a formal review process -- so 
    we will not provide reviews or other feedback
    on any submitted manuscript.
- Submitting a paper represents a commitment 
    that at least one of the authors will attend 
    and participate in whatever session the paper 
    gets scheduled for, whenever during the 
    conference that session is scheduled. Authors 
    who commit to attend and participate but then 
    fail to do so, for any reason other than an 
    immediate genuine emergency, may be excluded 
    from participation in future ACAC meetings.
- In addition to regular paper-presentation sessions,
    authors may also choose to allow their submitted
    papers to be considered for two other alternative 
    session formats: 

    1.) A small percentage of papers will be selected
          for high-profile visual presentation session, 
 similar to a “SMS-style” poster session, 
          (held at the time and place where refreshments are
          being served, in order to maximize audience size), 
    2.) A research-development workshop session 
          (where authors will provide feedback to each 
          other on their papers in small groups, under the 
          guidance of experienced researchers serving as 
          group facilitators).

- Papers must be submitted via the ACAC 2011 submission system
  using the link below (please copy and paste the link into your

- Submitters will be asked to first provide the manuscript information

   and author information. The submission system will then provide 
   step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with the final
submission of
   the manuscript.

- Papers must be submitted either in Microsoft Word or in PDF format.

  The DEADLINE for submissions is Monday 
                   February 14, 2011.
Additional information about the Atlanta Competitive Advantage
Conference is available on-line at: 
For any questions or comments about the conference or its policies, or
technical problems about the submission system, 
please e-mail [log in to unmask]  and place ‘ACAC 2011’  in the subject

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