The Book
Japanese consumers have changed dramatically over the past fifteen years.
 From the big spenders of the late 1980s bubble economy, they have 
become price-conscious, wealthy and sophisticated shoppers, demanding 
the world’s best service and most innovative products. A number of major 
shifts in Japanese society have led to the emergence of new consumer 
groups, such as the baby boomers, the single market, the new rich and 
otaku (enthusiastic) consumers. Today Japan is still the second largest 
and one of the most important consumer markets in the world; the 
economic crisis has not changed this. These major changes in consumer 
behaviour however, are still receiving insufficient coverage in 
management and marketing research. Japanese Consumer Dynamics fills this 
gap by discussing the development of Japanese consumerism, 
particularities of Japanese consumer behaviour and consumer rights, new 
consumer groups and emerging trends in the Japanese market. 

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Part I Japanese Consumers Today
1. The Historical Development of Japanese Consumerism (Parissa Haghirian)
2. Japanese Consumer Behaviour (Parissa Haghirian and Aaron Toussaint)
3. Consumer Rights in Japan (Luke Nottage)

Part II Japanese Consumer Groups
4. Elderly Consumers in Japan: The Most Mature ‘Silver Market’ Worldwide 
(Emmanuel J. Chéron)
5. The Single Market (Kristie Collins)
6. Indulging in Luxury? Japan’s ‘New Rich’ Consumers (Parissa Haghirian)
7. Male Order: Resonating with Today’s Young Male Japanese Consumers (
Aaron Toussaint)
8. Otaku Consumers (Patrick W. Galbraith)

Part III Consumer Trends in Japan
9. Beyond Sushi and Tempura: An Overview of the Japanese Food Market (
Stephanie Assmann)
10. Fashion, Self, Postmodern Consumer Culture and Sex and the City (
Aiko Yoshioka)
11. Mobile Consumers and Consumption in Japan (Benjamin Hentschel) 

The Editor
Parissa Haghirian is Associate Professor of International Management in 
the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. She 
holds a Master’s degree in Japanese Anthropology (University of Vienna, 
Austria), and a Master’s degree and a PhD in International Management (
Vienna University of Business, Austria). Since joining Sophia University,
 Dr Haghirian has taught undergraduate, graduate, and MBA classes on 
Japanese business practices and has researched and consulted on numerous 
aspects of this subject with Western and Japanese companies in Tokyo. 
She has published several books and articles on the topic and is the 
editor of J-Management: Fresh Perspective on the Japanese Firm in the 
21st Century and Innovation and Change in Japanese Management.
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