Call for papers: Journal of Business Research Special Issue:

Strategic Management and Marketing: 

Asian Contributions to Theory and Research

Special Issue Co-Editors:  Chenting Su ( <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
[log in to unmask]) and Zhilin Yang ( <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
[log in to unmask]), College of Business, City University of Hong Kong

With the rapid growth of Asian economy, interest is growing among executives
in learning the unique aspects of Asian business practices. Most Asian
countries are implementing institutional transitions which entail dramatic
changes of both formal and informal rules of business practice (Peng, Wang,
& Jiang, 2008). Asian institutional environments (regulative, normative, and
cognitive institutions), along with industry structure and firm factors are
having substantial impacts on firm strategy and performance (Galbreath and
Galvin; Zhou et al 2005). As such, scholars are calling for more rigorous
theories that shed light on management and marketing from an Asian
perspective (Kim, Yang, & Hyman 2009; Yang and Wang, 2011). This special
issue seeks papers that enable deep understanding of Asian business practice
and contribute to Asian theories of strategic management and marketing.

This special issue pursues manuscripts related to topics including, but not
limited to:

.         How do Asian cultures (such as Confucian values) influence
interorganizational relationships in strategic management and marketing?


.         How do Asian MNEs conduct strategic management and marketing to
cope with institutional challenges in the process of outward foreign direct


.         How do Asian companies cope with the negative country of origin
effect and build up brands in an upscale market?


.         The effect of social networks, social capital, and government
policies on strategy formation, execution, and performance of Asian


.         Knowledge management and innovation activities in Asian companies


.         How do institutional environments affect Asian firms' strategic


.         A comparison of management and marketing strategy between Asian
and Western markets.


.         The opportunities and challenges of internationalization process
of Asian companies


.         Governance strategy in marketing channels in Asian markets.

*	Adaptation and modification of existing consumer behavior theories
to Asian markets; novel constructs that help explain variations in consumer
or organizational buying behaviors.

.         How do Asian companies cope with such strategic decisions as
corporate Social Responsibility, corporate governance, professionalization,
organizational forms, philanthropy, family office, and sustainable


Submission details:  The deadline for submission of manuscripts is October
31, 2011.  Submit manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to both of the guest
editors. The reviewing process will be similar to that used for previous
special issues, including the use of guest editors and an editorial review
board for the special issue submissions.




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Yang, Zhilin and Chenlu Wang (forthcoming), "Guanxi as a Governance
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Strategic Orientation in China: Antecedents and Consequences of Market and
Innovation Orientations," Journal of Business Research, 58 (8), 1049-1058.


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